Tokyo Revengers Episode 7 Release Date, Time, Where to Watch

Tokyo Revengers Episode 7 Release Date, Time, Where to Watch
Tokyo Revengers Episode 7 Release Date, Time, Where to Watch

The conflict between Draken and Mikey seems to be stirring up as there’s a traitor among Toman trying to disrupt the status quo. Takemichi is doing his 100% to stop the inevitable war, but it looks like he won’t achieve his goal.

He found out about a possible snitch in the future, and now it’s up to him to locate it in the past. We only have speculations but don’t know any specifics. Hopefully, Tokyo Revengers episode 7 will release the curtain and tell us the identity of this person.

Tokyo Revengers Episode 7 Release Date

Tokyo Revengers is a sci-fi thriller ongoing anime based on the manga of the same name. The story’s focus is a middle-aged guy Takemichi who travels back in time to prevent the killing of his beloved Hina.

During this outing, he comes across many unsettling situations and causes strife that changes the future. The next episode will continue as Takemichi risks his life to achieve the ultimate goal.

Tokyo Revengers Episode 7 Release Date

The expected Tokyo Revengers episode 7 release date is May 23rd, 2021. The title of the episode is “Revive” and directed by Yu Harima. Find below the timing of the release of the upcoming episode.

  • Japan – 2:38 AM, May 23rd
  • USA/Canda – 3:00 PM, May 23rd
  • India – 12:30 AM, May 23rd
  • UK – 8:00 PM, May 23rd
  • Europe (CEST) – 9:00 PM, May 23rd

Where to Watch Tokyo Revengers Episode 7?

Tokyo Revengers is available to stream free on YouTube. You can access the MuseAsia channel on the platform every Sunday to watch new releases of Tokyo Revengers.

What are Spoilers from Tokyo Revengers Episode 7?

The next episode will adapt chapters 15 and 16 front the manga. Here are critical spoilers from the upcoming release.

Mikey’s Strength

Osanai starts beating Takemichi, and the latter falls. Pah goes on to challenge him, and Mikey asks others not to interfere. Pah is unable to land a single hit, and in the end, he too falls. Mikey comes forward to face Osanai and knocks him down with a single kick. The fight ends with Mikey standing victorious.

Pah’s Revenge

Pah’s Revenge

Osanai gets up to sneak attack Mikey, but he gets stopped and beaten by Draken. Pah stabs Osanai, and the police arrive at the scene. Others flee, but Pah says he’s giving himself in. In the hospital, Emma informs that Toman got divided into two groups of Draken and Mikey.

The conflict of the argument is whether Pah should’ve been arrested or not. Takemichi begins to realize the bridge between the two starts widening, and it’s just the commencement of the conflict.

Quick Recap of Tokyo Revengers Episode 6

We learned a bit of a history between Draken and Mikey. Meanwhile, Takemichi prepares to stop the fight between Toman and Moebius. Find out what happened in the last episode of Tokyo Revengers in his brief recap.

Mikey and Draken

Mikey and Draken

We get to see a bit of Draken’s backstory. Draken was born in the red light district to a prostitute mother who left him early. His days passed hanging in the red light district. Even from elementary schools, he was the boss, and other kids always followed him.

In an unusual encounter, he met Mikey, who he first thought was weak. However, when Mikey started beating middle school kids, Draken found himself surprised and became friends with him afterward.

Stopping The Fight

From Osanai, the ex-leader of Moebius, Keminichi found a person who set up a conflict within Toman. This fight led to the death of Draken, and Takemichi must prevent it from happening. Back in the past, he tries to convince Mikey to stop the fight with Moebius.

However, Mikey doesn’t pay any heed to his suggestion. Draken, on the other hand, proposes considering Takemichi’s consideration. When it looks like Mikey and Draken are about to get into an argument, Osanai with Moebius arrives as they prepare for the fight.

Who is this possible snitch among the Toman gang? Can Takemichi successfully convince Mikey to stop the dispute? Comment your thoughts down below. Follow us on social media for more updates on Tokyo Revengers and other anime news.

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