Tokyo Revengers Episode 18 Spoilers, Recap, Release Date, and Time

Tokyo Revengers Episode 18 Spoilers, Recap, Release Date, and Time
Tokyo Revengers Episode 18 Spoilers, Recap, Release Date, and Time

Based on the manga series of the same name, Tokyo Revengers is an ongoing anime series currently in its first season. It follows the story of Takemichi, a middle-aged guy who obtains the power to travel back in time. By using this power, he alters the events in the future.

Takemichi regrets the death of his beloved Hina. To change this future, Takemichi goes back in time and tries to change the events. He comes across various secrets and discovers groundbreaking information. With his friend, Naoto, Takemichi vows to save his friends. Let’s talk about Tokyo Revengers episode 18 spoilers, release date, and time.

Tokyo Revengers Episode 18 Spoilers, Recap, Release Date, and Time

Tokyo Revengers Episode 17 Recap

In Tokyo Revengers episode 17 recap, we go back to the present time. Since Kazutora was on probation, Baji was just waiting for his release. He was never on the side of Toman. With this, Baji now becomes an official member of Toman.

Vice-Captain Matsuro

On his way back, Takemichi meets a beat-up guy. He reveals his identity as vice-captain of the first squad, Matsuro. Takemichi and Matsuro visit the grave of Shinichiro along with Mikey and Draken. Mikey says that he knows nothing can be changed, however, he can’t forget those two.

We learn from Matsuro that Baji is trying to investigate Kisaki by joining Valhalla. He isn’t against Toman, it’s all just an act. When Mikey asks what Takemichi is trying to accomplish, he says that he wants to become the top guy of Toman. He wants acknowledgment from Mikey.

Valhalla’s Leader

Matsuro and Takemichi decide to combine their forces. Their first lead is Osanai, the former Mobius leader. Osanai reveals that it was Kisaki and his plans that put him on the top. However, he was merely a stepping stone for Kisaki to take over. Furthermore, it was Kisaki who perpetrated the infighting between Toman.

Valhalla’s Leader

Takemichi goes back to the present to meet Draken again. He asks him the identity of the real leader of Valhalla. Turns out, it was Mikey, and Valhalla was made for Mikey to take over. Also when Valhalla and Toman fought, the latter suffered their first defeat. In that fight, Mikey killed Kazutora.

Tokyo Revengers Episode 18 Spoilers

In Tokyo Revengers episode 18 spoilers, we find that after the fight, Mikey took over Valhalla as a leader while Kisaki was acting leader. We also find out that reason Mikey killed Kazutora was that he killed Baji.

Back in Past

On Halloween night, Valhalla defeated Toman. Mikey killed Kazutora because he killed his best friend Baji. If Mikey stops Kazutora, he can save all of them. With this information, Mikey once again heads to the past.

He stumbles upon Hina. She gives him a locket which is similar to the one he gave her. She tells her now they’re wearing matching lockets. Meanwhile, on the other side, Draken visits Kazutora.

Day Before Fight

Day Before Fight

Draken suggests Kazutora call off the fight, however, he’s determined. He can’t forget the two years he wasted in prison. Although Draken still considers him as a friend, Kazutora hates this thing about him. There’s no going back now as everyone prepares for the day of the fight between Toman and Valhalla.

Tokyo Revengers Episode 18 Watch Online

You can watch Tokyo Revengers episode 18 online on YouTube. Stream it for free on the channel Muse Asia.

Tokyo Revengers Episode 18 Release Date and Time

Here is Tokyo Revengers episode 18 release date and time.

  • Japan – 2:38 AM, August 8th
  • USA/Canda – 3:00 PM, August 8th
  • India – 12:30 AM, August 8th
  • UK – 8:00 PM, August 8th
  • Europe (CEST) – 9:00 PM, August 8th

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