Tokyo Revengers Episode 14 Spoilers, Preview, Release Date, and Time

Tokyo Revengers Episode 14 Spoilers, Preview, Release Date, and Time
Tokyo Revengers Episode 14 Spoilers, Preview, Release Date, and Time

Based on the manga series of the same name, Tokyo Revengers is an anime series produced by Linden Films studio. The plot revolves around Takemichi, a middle-aged guy who gets the ability to travel back in time. In Tokyo Revengers Episode 14 Spoilers, we will learn more about his exploits.

He along with his friend Naoto want to change a tragic future. Takemichi learns that he can go back in past to alter the events of the future. By doing so he can save his love Hina who gets killed in the future. But things aren’t as easy as it seems and there’s a twist to the story. Let’s check out Tokyo Revengers Episode 14 Spoilers.

Tokyo Revengers Episode 14 Spoilers, Preview, Release Date, and Time

Tokyo Revengers Episode 13 Recap

In Tokyo Revengers Episode 13 recap, Hina’s funeral takes place. Akkun killed her with her car catching fire on the spot. Takemichi couldn’t do anything to save her.

Takemichi’s Proposal

Naoto cries for the death of her sister. They thought they finally saved her but turns it nothing has changed. Takemichi tries to console him. Hina’s mother approaches him to return him necklace he gave to Hina. Her mother says Hina truly loved him.

After the funeral, Takemichi reveals his next steps to prevent the death of Hina. He tells him he is going to destroy the Toman gang by going into the past. Naoto just laughs at his proposal but Takemichi is determined. Tokyo Revengers episode 14 spoilers will probably give us better idea of the current situation.

Takemichi’s Proposal

Meeting Draken

The next day, Naoto informs Takemichi that Draken is still alive. He’s on death row and held in the Tokyo Detention Center. Draken is called upon from his cell to meet Takemichi. He rejoices in meeting Draken again and seeing him alive. Draken also feels happy to see Takemichi again. He says that he doesn’t regret what he did. He also remembers days when Toman didn’t have any conflicts.

However, if he could go back in past, he would kill Kisaki. Draken asks Takemichi to leave the town as he will get targeted next. Takemichi decides that he is going to the past once again and become the leader of the Toman gang.

Tokyo Revengers Episode 14 Spoilers

In Tokyo Revengers Episode 14 Spoilers, Mikey, Draken, and Takemichi leave the bathhouse. Mikey is going to announce a new member who will become captain of the third division.

Introducing Kisaki

Mikey gathers all members of Toman to make an announcement. He reveals that a new member is going to become 3rd division captain. For a brief second, Takemichi thinks Mikey is going to make him. However, it’s not him.

Turns out, the new 3rd division captain will be Kisaki. The same guy that Draken would want to kill could go back. He was previously a member of Mobius. Mikey wants to challenge Valhalla and hence needs to increase Toman’s strength. On seeing the face of Kisaki, Takemichi loses his cool and punches him.

Introducing Kisaki

Baji’s Departure

Toman’s members are shocked to see Takemichi punching someone like Kisaki. Takemichi realizes what he’s done and unable to provide a reason for his actions. Just then, Baji arrives and punches him in the face. Before he could attack Takemichi more, Mitsuya stops him.

Mikey tells him to go back as he had been banned from attending Toman’s gathering. Baji informs him that he’s leaving Toman and joining Valhalla. With Baji’s department, Toman no longer has 1st devision leader. Hopefully Tokyo Revengers episode 982 spoilers will provide us the direction in which story is heading.

Tokyo Revengers Episode 14 Watch Online

Tokyo Revengers Episode 14 Watch Online on YouTube. It is free to watch on the channel Muse Asia.

Tokyo Revengers Episode 14 Release Date and Time

Here is Tokyo Revengers Episode 14 release date and time.

  • Japan – 2:38 AM, July 11th
  • USA/Canda – 3:00 PM, July 11th
  • India – 12:30 AM, July 11th
  • UK – 8:00 PM, July 11th
  • Europe (CEST) – 9:00 PM, July 11th

What will Takemichi do now to change the future? Let us know your thoughts down in the comments. For more Tokyo Revengers content, make sure to follow us on social media.

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