Todd Chrisley Hospitalized After Testing Positive for Coronavirus

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Todd Chrisley is on the fix after testing positive for coronavirus. 

The Chrisley Knows Greatest celebrity and spouse Julie Chrisley demonstrated that the information on Wednesday’s episode of the tradition, Chrisley Confessions. 

“Could we speak about the bitch known as corona?” He shared. “I’ve been combating corona for 3 months. I had been in the hospital for 4 years and a half a week, psychologist involving 100 into 103 [degrees] also it’s become the sickest I’ve ever been on this ground.”

He also added,”Hopefully, I’ll get better each day, but as of now, people, I’m not clicking on all cylinders. I’m likely about 70 to 75 percentage of that which I normally I’m, but last 25 percentage is kicking my butt.”

At a very long message along with her two million Instagram followers,” Todd’s daughter Savannah Chrisley stated that he had been diagnosed using COVID-19 2 and a half ago and provided more insight to his time spent in the Vanderbilt University Medical Center in Nashville, Tenn. 

“I’ve never been so afraid in my entire life,” Savannah composed, including”When daddy started becoming sick I instantly began stressing… I and he will be the worriers of this bunch. After a few days mother and I talked him into moving into urgent attention… he went and he had been showing all signs of COVID-19 so that they examined him”

Savannah subsequently addressed critics who may assume her dad managed to get tested due to his celebrity, composing,”Before folks say…’OH HE ONLY GOT TESTED BECAUSE HE’S A CELEBRITY…’ un are mistaken! He moved right into an urgent care exactly enjoy the remainder of [you] would. After becoming analyzed he moved home and remained quarantined into his bedroom for seven days after which his evaluation came back… POSITIVE… when mother and I see our hearts fell.”

Following”worsening” symptoms,” Savannah said Todd”could not fight it no more” and has been carried to the emergency area by Julie.

“If she got that they left her drop off him and abandon due to all of the rigorous guidelines. He remained Vanderbilt for 3 times and people were the toughest 3 days that I believe I have ever suffered,” that the 22-year old remembered. “I speak to my dad 10x per day! He is my very best buddy… I never go to bed one night with no’Goodnight and that I adore you’ text. . And my father was sitting at a hospital area by himself and that I didn’t have any clue how he had been.”

Savannah’s informative article reasoned,”At one stage I dropped in my hands and knees and begged God not to simply take not to take my very best friend. . I’d give everything I’d if it meant maintaining my dad. I was so distressed that I lost photographs of our loved ones off in the hospital and said’When he sees these I understand he will keep fighting’ I suppose that the point of me telling all this is really u take it badly. . .STAY HOME! SOCIAL DISTANCE! And many importantly..LOVE HARDER THAN EVER! Life is indeed short.”

The reality TV star also thanked Kim Zolciak-Biermann because of her advice across Todd’s health scare. 

“Additionallyy’all of… @kimzolciakbiermann has been a saint in this entire thing also! If you did not understand. . .she was a nurse. . .so she gave me many strategies and helped calm my nerves,” Savannah composed, to which she responded,”God is great. So thankful he’s feeling better”

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