Till Death Ending Explained – Why Did Mark Kill Himself?

Till Death Ending Explained - Why Did Mark Kill Himself?
Till Death Ending Explained - Why Did Mark Kill Himself?

S. K. Dale’s directories debut, Till Death, is a horror movie distributed by Screen Media Films. It stars Megan Fox in the leading role along with Eoin Macken, Callan Mulvey, and Jack Roth in the supporting cast. It follows the sorry of Emma (played by Megan Fox), a wife who is unsatisfied with her current marriage. She tries to have an extramarital affair to experiment with her life. However, that plan doesn’t go as planned.

Right before her marriage anniversary with her husband Mark, she ends her affair with Tom who happens to be Mark’s subordinate. On the day of the anniversary, Mark decides to surprise his wife and takes her out for a dinner. The wife is quite delighted and later on, they visit their memorable Lake House. The night goes without any hurdles as Emma falls asleep.

Next, she finds herself cuffed to her husband and that’s when her horror begins. From this point onward, it’s a race for Emma’s survival. She gets chased by two individuals who are looking for her. So does she survive and get rid of them? Let’s find out as we discuss Till Death ending explained.

Till Death Ending Explained – Why Did Mark Kill Himslef?

What Happened After Emma Was Cuffed?

When she was cuffed to her husband, he shot himself in the head. Mark had known about Emma’s affair for some time and this was his revenge. But that was not all there. We also find that Mark was being pursued by D.A for forging the evidence in various cases. He had to kill himself since he had no other choice. So before going out, he took revenge on Emma along the way.

Hunt For Emma

An incident from the past becomes relevant when Bobby starts to hunt for Emma. Apparently, in 2010, Mark had taken the case of Emma who was assaulted by Bobby. But for his revenge, Mark contacted Bobby and tasked him to retrieve some diamonds from Lakehouse. In the process, he will take his revenge as well since Emma was cuffed to her husband in the house.

Looking to Survive

Emma somehow escaped from the plunges of Bobby and his brother Jimmy. When they tried to open a locker that contained diamonds, they came across a passcode. Now, this passcode was only known to Emma and they had to catch her to spill the beans.

After some chase, they did catch her. Bobby decided to take his revenge on Emma but Jimmy stopped him from doing it. After some negotiation, Emma gave up the code to the locker. They opened it and found a note within it.

Till Death Ending Explained – Where Were Diamonds?

Till Death Ending Explained – Where Were Diamonds?

The note suggested that the diamond necklace was worn by Emma. The duo tried to take it off of her, but couldn’t do it. Bobby decides to cut off her neck to retrieve the necklace but Jimmy is against it. A brawl breaks out between the two which ends up killing Jimmy.

Emma attempts to escape with Bobby right behind her. They come across a thin sheet of ice, ready to be drowned in Lake. Bobby is about to go down however, he catches Emma and tries to take her along with him. But Emma somehow escapes from him and comes ashore. In the end, Emma does survive this traumatic incident but it will surely leave a scar on her memory.

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