Tiktok Life Hacks: Top 5 Ft. Sock Curls, Pasta Draining & More

tiktok life hacks

Some of the most popular life hacks on the internet originated on TikTok, where even the most basic tips may completely alter someone’s daily routine. Listed below are some of our favourites.

TikTok, a platform for sharing short videos, continues to grow in popularity every day as more people download the app to discover what all the fuss is about.

With such a large user base and it’s infamous For You Page algorithm, new videos and trends are always going viral on the app, be it dances, recipes, storytimes, or pretty much any other kind of content you can think of.

Life hacks are one topic that has really taken up on the internet. Life hacks are quick, easy practises that can greatly simplify your life. They can include everything from cooking methods to beauty tips. Some of our favourite TikTok life hacks are listed below.

 Sock Curls

tiktok life hacks

For the longest time, people have been looking for the best way to curl hair without using heat, and “sock curls” on TikTok appear to have promoted the most successful technique yet.

Sock curls are created by wrapping long socks in moist hair and letting them stay overnight, as the name suggests. Ideally, you’ll be left with exquisite curls that nearly seem like they could have been created with a curling iron when you wake up and rip the material away from your dry hair.

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Laundry Removal

Before TikTok, there was a technique for cleaning materials called laundry stripping. However, in late 2020, after multiple videos displaying the laundry trick went viral, the technique gained popularity on the platform.

According to mack42k’s procedure, you should first fill your bathtub with hot water and a few different products before adding bed sheets, towels, or other comparable goods. After then, allow it to sit for a few hours, stirring it now and then.

Despite its widespread use, it’s important to remember that experts don’t advise doing laundry stripping frequently because the hot water can harm clothes.

Draining Pasta

You might seem that straining pasta is so straightforward that it wouldn’t require a hack, but some TikTok users were surprised to learn that they might have unwittingly made the procedure more difficult for themselves.

A number of TikTok producers gained hundreds of thousands of likes after demonstrating a better method for draining spaghetti. Try placing the strainer inside your pot and carefully tipping the entire pan over the sink rather than simply pouring your pasta into the sieve.

This makes the process much more effective because you won’t have to worry about transferring your spaghetti back over again. Before attempting this hack, make sure your strainer and saucepan fit together snugly as they may be dangerous.

Cut Bell Peppers

tiktok life hacks

The most straightforward and efficient method of food preparation is what TikTok excels at, and it is always these kinds of hacks that wind up becoming wildly popular on the app.

A lot of individuals used the app to illustrate how to swiftly and cleanly prepare a bell pepper utilising a sequence of easy cuts and slices after seeing the user wellbore’s straightforward method of doing so.

People praised the new approach in their comments in droves, with some even claiming they would “never cut peppers the same way again.”

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 Pants Cuffs

Many people have experienced the aggravation of purchasing new pants only to discover that they are much too long. However, if you still like them and don’t want to send them back, you can simply change the leg length thanks to this popular fashion trick.

A few basic folds and tucks make it simple to cuff your jeans in a secure manner that also looks sufficiently neat, as user your brobrandon shows in his video with 1.5 million likes.

As people continue to find easy methods to improve their lives, new life hacks are nearly always going viral on TikTok.

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