Tik Tok app latest version download after 1.6-star rating hike, why?

Tik Tok app latest version download

Tik Tok is one of the most popular social networking and video sharing app available in India. But these days we are watching different communities people attacking tik tok over their content quality and copyright claims.
A number of Indian Youtuber put their words on tik tok over a video on their Youtube account and people seems much facinated on this.

Tik Tok vs YouTube

This whole drama starts with a roast video on a popular Youtuber named Elvish Yadav and the real battle on tik tok vs youtube starts after Carry Minati’s roast video.

Also that Carry’s video set a number of records on Youtube as a dedicated YouTuber channel. And when the video is about to become a most liked video in the Youtube India platform then it was removed by Youtube. This might be due to the use of some abusive language or something else.

Later after that people started giving 1 star to tik tok latest version on play store and few weeks, tik tok rating was down as 1.2 stars on Play Store. But later tik tok ratings increased and reached to 1.6 stars. Also people claim that this hike in the rating is due to the removal of around 1.5 million reviews from tik tok on play store.

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