Tiger King’s Rick Kirkham on What Netflix failed to Show

The narrative around Joe Exotic only keeps getting crazier!

In a private interview with Daily Pop’s Justin Sylvester, Rick Kirkham–the most veteran journalist and producer who also worked on Joe’s reality series and has been recently showcased in Netflix’s Tiger King–asserted the docuseries”is very precise, but it did not go near as much as to what it could have gone.”

“There is a good deal more to speak about; much more that could have been indicated regarding Joe Exotic and how crazy and mad and evil-hearted the guy actually was,” Kirkham said, adding a more precise depiction could choose the documentary,”multiply it [and] place it on steroids”

Since Kirkham describes in Tiger King, a lot of what he describes has been originally all captured on his cameras. This footage, but fell victim to some random fire Joe’s house –one which Kirkham considers Joe, who is legal name is Joseph Maldonado-Passage, put himself.

“Joe needed us to conduct the cameras 24 hours daily, and we did,” Kirkham informed Sylvester. “We took tens of thousands of hours of items, and that which from him murdering creatures to mistreating people, abusing animals–he understood that it was on tape. And he needed it listed. However he never needed it all published.”

Researchers never decided who began the flame, also Maldonado-Passage denied any participation.

As for its alleged animal abuse, Kirkham stated Joe Exotic might not just kill his elderly tigers then”feed them directly to another creatures,” however Kirkham stated he watched him kill a horse that a girl had attracted him since he claimed he’d look after it allow it to use his huge pasture. 

The narrative, based on Kirkham, goes like that:”Before she made off the playground –he stated,’Rick, roll up your own camera. Roll your own camera. Come on, you are gont enjoy this Rick,’he walked up, pulled a gun from his holster and shot the horse dead at the trailer and cut it up using a chainsaw then fed it into the tigers daily.”

PEOPLE lately reported Kirkham’s narrative regarding the horse, imagining that Maldonado-Passage hasn’t faced any criminal charges because of its horse shooting. His lawyer didn’t respond to PEOPLE’s petition for comment.  Maldonado-Passage was, nevertheless, convicted in federal court of two counts of murder for rent — even although the hit Carole Baskin didn’t undergo –and several charges across the creatures he maintained, containing eight counts of violating the Endangered Species Act. Maldonado-Passage is presently serving a 22-year sentence in prison, but continues to preserve his innocence regarding all fees and allegations of any sort of abuse.

The horse narrative was apparently one of”several hundred” crazy items Kirkham supposedly witnessed. He advised Sylvester he also feared for his own life due to Joe’s alleged recklessness. In some cases, Kirkham maintained, he’d sneak up behind people and take them or the floor”only to scare the s–not” from these.”

“He would pull a gun out and shoot directly through the walls of this studio. I meanhe had been just that mad,” Kirkham said.

Thus as soon as the fire occurred, Kirkham reported that was the last straw .  He initially made a bargain with Joe that he’d create movies for his YouTube station if Kirkham could picture Joe because of his very own reality series, but all that footage–a complete season’s worth–has been gone.

Kirkham stated after his”million-dollar reality show” had been ruined, he’d”a nervous breakdown” and abandoned Oklahoma.

“There have been lots of odd things that went in the marketplace,” Kirkham, who currently lives in Norway, informed Sylvester. “It truly was a tough period in my entire life. I needed to undergo psychiatric help after operating in this event. And to the day, now that it has return with all the docuseries, I am seeing a therapist .”

He clarified that due to these odd things he supposedly witnessed while coping with Joehe can not even be angry that Netflix chose a job such as the one that he originally wished to create. 

“I am not pissed in any respect. If anything, I am thankful because, to be very honest with me, about four weeks later I had been there, then I started understanding what was happening and watching things which I knew were incorrect,” Kirkham said.  “I began form of selling my journalistic ethics rather than stopping it. And I felt guilty. So as soon as the zoo fire occurred, I had that guilt along with me from what I’d observed.”

He continued, “. . .It was not losing the job that knocked me back, it had been the simple fact I had let myself go far. . .So karma came around for both Joe and I. The karma comes in that I did not have to make my series. I dropped everything I’d like. Karma came for him that he is sitting in prison because the most well-known person on Earth.”

Fame, based on Kirkham, was consistently the end-goal to get Joe.

“That is the real reason here, is that the simple fact that Joe Exotic, he wanted in his life would be famous; the most well-known guy on earth,” Kirkham informed Sylvester. “Now he’s, and he is sitting behind bars”

He also added,”I wager he’s scratching the walls down of his own jail cell, realizing that he’s gotten each the celebrity he desired and he can not do something with it”

Kirkham intends to show more about Joe Exotic and Tiger King at a livestream tomorrowSaturday, April 11, in two p.m. ET.  Viewers may submit queries for Kirkham by submitting a movie on Instagram or even Twitter using all the hashtag #AskTigerRick.

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