This Video of Alex Trebek Swearing While Improving’Phone Jeopardy!’ Is Moving Viral

One major thing that fans did not know about Alex Trebek was that he had a pouty mouthand this viral movie is demonstrating it.

a brand new video that only surfaced online chains since the overdue Jeopardy! host is currently boosting Phone Jeopardy!, that was a marketing during the first 1990so to the quiz game series.

While shooting at the promos, Alex has been observed and noticed flubbing a point, and every time that he does ithe curses like a sailor.

“Keep viewing’Jeopardy!’ 24 hours per day and call that quantity…eh, you dumb son of a b****, you do not see it 24 hours per day,” Alex claims in the start.

He afterwards says,”There is a daily cash prize of 1000 and… f***…no ***.”

Alex was known previously to fall some swear words, and also in one specific radio interview Dan Patrick, he had been set to some delay for it.

“I am concerned about your speech,” Dan advised the host in the time 2014.

Alex unfortunately passed out over the weekend as a result of complications from pancreatic cancer.

Jeopardy! introduced a touching tribute to both Alex in the onset of the week about the series. Watch what occurred here…

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