This Is Us Season 5 ending explained – Confusing, Shocking, and Mind-Blowing!

This Is Us Season 5 Ending Explained – Confusing, Shocking, and Mind-Blowing!
This Is Us Season 5 Ending Explained – Confusing, Shocking, and Mind-Blowing!

This Is Us had fans tangled in a mystery that they weren’t even aware existed in the first place. Dan Fogelman is truly a genius. He deceived everyone into thinking something else and out of nowhere, deviated to a stirring path.

However, when we tie up the loose ends and take a look back at past events, everything makes sense. Viewers have been watching flashbacks of Pearsons throughout the show and we’ve just come to realize that story is taking place in different passages of time, how godly!

This Is Us Season 5 Ending Explained – Confusing, Shocking, and Mind-Blowing!
This Is Us Season 5 Ending Explained

Even though some crazy theories were going around regarding this speculation but they were a vocal minority. In the end, the marriage didn’t go as we expected and it had a huge twist waiting for us ahead.

The events in the finale of This Is Us season 5 were mind-boggling and they only created new questions for the upcoming season. So for those who didn’t catch the ride and understand the reality of the finale, here is a This Is Us ending explained with full comprehension of the conclusion to the confusing marriage scenario.

Who Were Bride and Groom?

Initially, the show depicted, or rather viewers assumed that it was going to be a wedding between Kevin and Madison. But that didn’t happen. The couple realized that they didn’t truly love each other. Only the care for the babies tied them together and it was not fair to get married because of unsolicited commitment.

In the end, the marriage was off however, the events don’t end here.

What Happened Between Toby and Kate?

After getting a job in San Francisco, Toby informs about the news to Kate. She comes to understand that he will be away for the 3 days a week and she will have to take care of the children. Kate as caring she is for Toby prioritizes him and decides to leave her job.

However, her request receives denial. Her boss Phillip doesn’t appreciate the idea of Kate abandoning her role of teacher.

After some time the couple decides they both do their jobs and leave the kids for childcare. And it seems like things are pretty good between the duo however, there is a certain block ahead that left fans in shock.

So Who Was Getting Married?

Remember how Kevin was rehearsing his speech at the beginning of the episode? Right, everyone must’ve thought it is his wedding so the speech should be for that event too. But things are twisted, it is the wedding of Kate. And guess who she’s marrying? her boss Phillip who once denied her job resignation.

This is truly a turn of events as it seemed like things were looking optimistic between Toby and her. But in the end, she chose Philip for unknown reasons that we believe will find out in the next season.

This Is Us Season 5 Ending Explained – Confusing, Shocking, and Mind-Blowing!
Toby and Kate aren’t Getting Married

What Are Expectations from Season 6?

In the last bits, we see Randall and Rebecca decide to buckle up and search for the former’s birth mother. We may see their trip to the discovery in the upcoming season. A major portion of the upcoming season may revolve around relation between Kate and Toby and what led to their separation.

Furthermore, we expect to get more insight into how Kate and Phillip came to become lovers (or at least that’s what it seems like). We have a lot of things awaiting us for season 6 and fans are all hyped for This Is Us next instalment.

Were you also deceived by the marriage plot? What could be the reason for the breakup between Kate and Toby? Let us know your thoughts down in the comments. Follow us on social media for more TV show reviews and discussions.

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