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Condoleeza Rice Created history 2005 when she Turned into the Primary African American Girl to Behave as the Secretary of State of the USA.

Her story begins when she had been born in Birmingham, Alabama, on Nov. 14, 1954.

Rice had been a single child and skilled racism growing up in the segregated south. She moved on to get her bachelor’s degree in political science from the University of Denver and got her master’s degree in the University of Notre Dame. She later returned to the University of Denver to get her Ph.D.

Rice took her enthusiasm for global connections to Washington, D.C.. Back in 1989, she eventually became director of Soviet and East European affairs with the National Security Council and also the special assistant to President George H.W. Bush.

In 2001, she had been appointed national security advisor from George W. Bush and afterwards became Secretary of State. Back in 2008, she returned to Stanford University, where she is now a professor in a number of departments, such as political science and also at the Graduate School of Business.

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