Thesis Writing Apps and Software for Graduate Students

Thesis Writing Apps and Software for Graduate Students

Completing a thesis will require an investment of time and hard work. You probably have written before, and the process was tiring for you. Or you have an upcoming thesis paper to write, and it terrifies you. is the best place to look out for help in such cases. However, today we will give you information on all the apps and software you can use to make your thesis writing easier. 

So read on to find out what apps you need to start using.

Thesis Writing Apps and Software for Graduate Students.


No doubt you will be taking a lot of notes and citations throughout your research. Imagine doing all that work and then either misplacing your research notes or they do not make sense afterwards? 

Well, you need Evernote 

This app allows you to collect your note together. They may be written notes, photos, or even recordings. Regardless of type, Evernote will keep them organized for you. The app also allows you to attach files in it, for instance, Excel files. What’s more, all the data is synced on all your devices. 

Google Docs

It is an online word processor that is offered as part of a package by Google. The interesting thing is, everything you write is saved automatically, so you do not have to fear loss. 

In addition to that, you can allow access to other people, let’s say your instructor, and collaborate with them on the paper. Also, it is very easy to define your structure requirements with Google Docs. An offline alternative to this is Microsoft Word.


We know you can write everything. But it is a lot of work and you risk giving yourself physical injuries from all that writing. But what if we told you that you can dictate and transcribe your every word? It is possible?

With Otter, you simply speak what you need to be written and it will transcribe your words for you. This means you can get your information down faster and more efficiently. However, you should always double-check and edit mistakes as this can happen.


In addition, we also know, that for a thesis paper, you will need to cite and reference sources for your work. But we have also seen cases where a great paper loses marks because of bad citations. It is very easy to cite, but also easily forgotten or by the time you are getting to the reference page, you are tired and liable to make mistakes. 

Mendeley is here for your help. 

Just drop in your journal article and it will put together your reference list according to the format you have specified.


As you are writing your thesis paper, you will be bound to come across all sorts of ideas, frameworks, and theories. It may be difficult to keep them all at the top of your mind. Or you may be unable to see the big picture or how your theories connect. 

Freemind helps you with that. 

It is mind-mapping software that enables you to jot down and connect ideas. You can do so on paper, but why not pick the easier option? It is free and will prevent the risk of loss of train of thought.


No doubt you have aced the writing part, but bad visuals will instantly downgrade your paper. It is common to see bad conceptual frameworks in academic work. But it does not need to be the case for you. 

Canva is intuitive and easy to use. Some of the designs are free and others are paid for. However, you will have an array of premade designs to pick from. And you don’t even need to have a background in graphic design. All you will have to do is to drag and drop.


The number of times students have missed deadlines or lost hours of work because of damaged laptops, corrupted hard drives, or just deleted files is widely common. So you will need cloud storage that helps keep your files and data safe. 

So, all you need to do is to retrieve and submit your work and Dropbox helps you exactly with that. There are other software too such as Google Drive, OneDrive, and iCloud Drive. But the main point is, to get yourself cloud storage.


Finally, we have Grammarly. It is available as an app, add-in software, or extension. It is an editing technology that proofreads and suggests corrections for your paper. 

Moreover, you cannot always depend on a word processor’s editing. 

They are most times, off the mark. What’s more, Grammarly helps you maintain your tone and format. It will also help solve problems with wordiness, or other writing errors in your paper. It does have free and paid versions. 

Summing Up

You probably started this article hoping to learn a lot about making thesis writing easier. And we are sure that you found what you were looking for. Try each app or software above and see your work lessen with time.

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