The theory of Black Clover’s Nacht and his role in the series!

The theory of Black Clover’s Nacht and his role in the series!
The theory of Black Clover’s Nacht and his role in the series!

Nacht Faust, one of the most mysterious characters to be known in Black Clover, is one of the most favored characters by fans. Not only is he smart and handsome, but he’s also the Vice-captain of the Black Bulls. His knowledge goes beyond the Clover and the Spade kingdoms, and he is portrayed as a very picky person.

He dislikes Yumi for being a very messy person, but he does like Asta. Asta is honest and displays goodness wherever he goes. Although Nacht may seem a bit rude, he is actually one of the most-needed characters in the entire manga series. Nacht uses his knowledge to help the Clover Kingdom and the Black Bulls prepare for the counterattack they were planning.

Black Clover’s Nacht
Black Clover’s Nacht

A few insights on Nacht outlined by the Manga

Nacht’s character was introduced when he marched into the meeting alongside the Wizard King. Only a few people managed to recognize him at first glance: Jack and Julius. There are other characters who weren’t present at that time but would be able to recognize him if they were there. These include William and particularly Yami since both of them were members of the Grey Deer squad.

The theory of Black Clover’s Nacht
Black Clover’s Nacht and Asta

Nacht’s character comes off as an introverted person who was hostile to both Yami and the Black Bulls. His past is to blame for his present character development since he completely changed after the death of his beloved brother. The death of a dear one is something very common amongst Shonen Manga, and the impact on the character is more or less the same.

His attitude towards Yami remains the same even after he was appointed as the Vice-captain of the Black Bulls. Some fans say that Nacht might have come to despise Yami even more after the appointment.

Nacht hate Yami a little less
Nacht hate Yami

On the other hand, a few feel that this made Nacht hate Yami a little less. It is said that Yami might have been involved in the death of Nacht’s brother which is why he hates him. His partiality towards good-hearted people may have developed from this as well, which is why he also hates the Dark Triad.

The bond shared between Nacht and his brother

Many readers speculate that the soul inside Nacht’s body may or may not be his brother. This is because the word reincarnation exists in this Manga, especially soul swapping as well. A theory stands that Nacht swapped souls with his brother during his death hour. Although it may seem crazy, there is a lot of evidence that supports this theory.

It is already well-known that Julius was the captain of the Grey Deer and Yami and William were in the squad around the same time.

Nacht and his brother
Nacht and his brother relationship

So, since the both of them have been enemies for a long time, it wouldn’t come out as a surprise if William managed to recognize Nacht as well. There comes about a scene during this time where Jack questions Nacht by saying “Aren’t you that person…?” And Nacht only replies by saying “that man is gone.”

This is only one mere moment that supports the theory of soul-swapping, but there are many other moments where fans speculate that Nacht may actually be dead and his brother’s soul rests inside him.

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