The Wonder Years Reboot Release Date, Cast, and Story

The Wonder Years Reboot Release Date, Cast, and Story
The Wonder Years Reboot Release Date, Cast, and Story

The Wonder Years will be getting its reboot soon on the ABC network and this American coming of age comedy-drama will make a fresh return. With the original series’ run from 1988-93, after 28 years we will see the new faces but in the same timeline as that of the original series.

This new reboot will take place in the 1960s, Montgomery, Alabama. It will focus on the life of a middle-class black family during that time period. Don Cheadle (popular for his role in MCU’s Avengers) will narrate the series this time with Saladi Patterson as a writer and executive producer.

The Wonder Years Reboot Release Date, Cast, and Story
The Wonder Years Reboot Release Date, Cast and Story

The Wonder Years Reboot Release Date

This reboot version is lined up to get a release on ABC’s 2021-22 season along with other series such as Queens, Maggie, and Abbot Elementary. While the announcement was itself made back in 2020, we weren’t sure about its release date. With ABC’s latest announcement, it is now confirmed that The Wonder Years will air on ABC network for the 2021-22 season.

Regarding the specific release date, we don’t have any information but we expect it to drop soon. The series will be shortly available and fans of the original series can see the fresh version of it on the ABC network.

The Wonder Years Reboot Cast

Don Cheadle will portray the role of Adult Dean Williams and narrate the series. Apart from him, Elisha Williams will take the role of Dean Williams, Dule Hill as Bill Williams, Laura Kariuki as Kim Williams, and Saycon Sengbloh as Lillian Williams play the roles of Williams family members.

Meanwhile, Julian Lerner will portray the character of Brad Hitman along with Milan Ray as Keisa Clemmons and Amari O’Neil as Cory Long.

The Wonder Years Reboot Release Date, Cast, and Story
The Wonder Years Original Cast

Saladin Patterson will act as both writers as well as executive producer of the show. Lee Daniels Entertainment’s Lee Daniels and Marc Velez will also take the mantle of executive producer along with the original series’ Fred Savage.

We also got the information that Fred Savage will be directing the pilot episode of the show. The 20th Television will be producing the series and it will air on the ABC network.

About The Wonder Years

The original series centers on a life of a middle-class family of American suburban through the eyes of a young boy his age 12-17. Each season of the show took place exactly 20 years before the current year.

With the main focus on Kevin Arnold, the other members of his family include Jack Arnold and Norma Arnold who are his father and mother respectively. In addition to that, he has a brother and a sister. The show depicts the life of this middle-class family and tells how young Kevin shapes himself during these years.

The reboot series inspired by this focuses on a middle-class black family in the 1960s and will likely follow the same format as the original show.

What are your expectations from this upcoming release on the ABC network? Will it be as successful as its predecessor? Comment your thoughts down below. For more updates on The Wonder Years and other shows, make sure to follow us on our social media.

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