The Woman in Window Ending Explained – Mind Twisting With No Resolution

The Woman in Window Ending Explained - Mind Twisting With No Resolution
The Woman in Window Ending Explained - Mind Twisting With No Resolution

Would you consider a person residing in a house alone and never goes out insane? Well, that’s the story of The Woman in Window. It brings forth the prejudices of people regarding the individuals who embrace the feeling of isolation.

In our story, Anna is that person, and people around her house don’t pay much heed to her. But when a murder occurs right before her eyes, what can she possibly do?

This bizarre creation, directed by Joe Wright and based on the book “The Woman in Window” by A.J.Finn, The Woman in Window is filled with mind-boggling twists one after another, which leaves the fans wondering with too many questions.

The Woman in WIndow Ending Explained

 The screenplay even received hefty criticism because of too many non-parallel plotlines. So if you’re one of those who still can’t get over with the ending of the movie and want to remove that itchy feeling in your head, we’ve got you covered.

Here in this post we explain the ending of The Woman in Window and unravel the twists in the end.

The Woman in Window Synopsis

The story’s center is Dr. Anna Fox (played by Amy Adams), who stays strangled in her house and observes surrounding events through the window. While having no physical interactions with any people outside, she sometimes arranges dinner with rude Julianne Moore.

However, even that comes to an end when she spots her get killed by her husband through the window. Now the question is, how does she convince the detectives about the murder that happened right in front of her eyes?

There’s No Body

When Anna reports the body, it turns out the body has disappeared. It truly is melodramatic because just the night before, she saw her getting murdered. We get to see some cracks in Anna’s life with the first big reveal pretty soon.

It turns out her husband and the kid she was interacting with are dead. Anna’s mental state isn’t reliable, and she could have hallucinated about the death of Julianne.

It’s Complicated

After finding out that she was talking with her dead husband, Anna decides to end it all with a final glass of wine. But just before she’s about to sip the drink, she comes across a picture from before when Julianne visited her. She sees her reflection in a wine glass which assures her that she’s not insane.

The Woman in Window Ending Explained - Mind Twisting With No Resolution
Julianne Often Visits Anna

Things Don’t Make Sense

Her tenant comes to the house to take his things; at this moment, he reveals that he slept with Julianne and she was her mistress.

Out of nowhere, Ethan, the teenage kid that Anna usually interacts with, appears in the house. He kills the tenant, leaving both Anna and the viewers question the movie. Then he says that her target was Anna and he was the one who killed Julianne. There’s no motive or reason behind his actions.

Anna’s Escape

Now Anna has to decide whether she wants to die or go outside and overcome her fear. She decides to take a latter approach and storms out to escape from Ethan. In the exchange of hands, she kills Ethan and finally overcomes her fear of going out.

That’s what we can conclude from the ending of the movie. I know it’s absurd, but this is the best possible resolution, isn’t it? In any case, if you’ve got different ideas, why not comment down and enlighten us as well? You can also follow our social media, where we post constant updates on movies and TV shows.

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