The Way The Witches Hid Anne Hathaway’s Pregnancy

While Huston rocked a dull, too-perfect extended brunette bob and poking at the first, The Witches remake subverted expectations by using Hathaway neglect a posh coiffed blond’do, reminiscent of Marilyn Monroe. 

“When I had my study, we looked in those blonde icons and also we looked at Anne blond too,” Johnston explained of this colour option,”she’d completed two or three things with blond hair, you understand, but she has brown eyes that’s sort of interesting since it is a type of strange appearance.”

Since each the witches use wigs, the Grand High Witch required to get a”longer bombshell” appearance because”all about her is a much greater quality  compared to the rest of the witches,” she concluded. “They do not have such excellent wigs”

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