The Way Back Into The Future’s Time Travel Works

How Back To The Future's Time Travel Works

The Goal Of Their Trip

It all began with a science experimentation at Back to the Future, that found Doc Brown analyzing his time system to find out whether it’d do the job. But , Marty McFly inadvertently goes to 1955, also must fix the error of throwing his parent’s very first meeting and falling in love. That is an easy enough start, but Marty includes a double chance of deliberate time traveling experiences, in accordance with the Future Part II begins with Doc bringing Marty and Jennifer into 2015 to rescue their children from going to prison, but contributes to needing to adjust older Biff Tannen’s betting series beginning in 1955, also preventing Doc from being killed by Mad Dog Tannen at 1885. Last, but not the least, Marty must return to 1985 if all is done and said; as time continuum.

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