The Wasteland Ending Explained – Did Lucia Die?

Directed by David Casademunt, The Wasteland is a Spanish horror movie distributed by Netflix. It stars Inma Cuesta in the lead role while Mar Targarona, Asier Flores and Marina Padro provide roles in the support cast. The movie was released on January, 2022 on Netflix for the worldwide release.

The Wasteland’s horror element derives from the human subconscious mind and the feeling of unrest. It’s atmosphere is set in a diabolical condition where you’d expect bad things to happen. The director and producers have done tremendous job in setting up an scary atmosphere and playing with the human mind in producing a spectacular event. Let’s break down and discuss The Wasteland ending explained.

The Wasteland Ending Explained
The Wasteland Ending Explained

The Wasteland Plot

The family of three that consists of husband Salvador, wife Lucia and son Diego live in an isolated wasteland in a small cottage. The rules in their house are quite strict and Salvador is often strict with his son about lot of boundaries. As a curious kid, Diego has lots of questions.

Whenever Diego goes to ask Salvador about the reason why he can’t go past border, he starts telling scary stories about a beast that lies beyond the border. Sometimes Lucia becomes skeptical about her husband’s approach of conveying things to the kid. She believes that this may scar the kid mentally as things are becoming too real.

One day, a floating body knocks on the water body near their home. The body is unconscious but alive with some wounds. Salvador takes the man to his house to tend to his wounds. Later on, when the man wakes up, he tells that he has no will to live and shoots himself. Salvador believes that it’s his responsibility to inform the family about demise of this person. He leaves the house for few days to go to the man’s family, leaving his son and wife alone in the Wasteland.

Who Was the Beast?

It has been few days since Salvador left the house and had not returned. This has an impact on the mind of Lucia. In the beginning, she didn’t believe in any of the stories of Salvador. However, each passing day, her anxiety started growing more and she became more unsettled. Meanwhile, Diego saw every segment of it and realised what was wrong with her mother.

Diego knew that her mother was feeling anxious because her husband hadn’t returned for days. She even started shooting bullets at the beast that her subconscious mind had created. To Diego, this beast was non-existent since it wasn’t real in the first place. It was created by the fear and anxiousness in her mother’s mind.

The movie takes a slow turn in developing the imagination into reality for the pair of mother and son. Diego too gives into the situation and falls prey to his subconscious mind and starts seeing the beast. For his age, it’s considerable because he was just a kid. When you’re at that age, your mind tends to believe in unbelievable things, so there wasn’t really anything he could do there.

The Wasteland Ending Explained
The Wasteland Ending Explained

The Wasteland Ending Explained – Did Lucia Die?

The theme of the movie revolves around what human mind can contemplate to when it’s put within certain circumstances. This has remained consistent throughout the movie as each passing day, the mental condition of both mother and child becomes more severe. At first, it’s the mother who gives into the feeling of restlessness and then his child follows the same.

It is later revealed that Salvador’s sister also saw this beast and committed suicide. However, the real reason for her suicide was abuse she received from her parents. Diego foresees the same fate for her mother whose mental state keeps getting devastated. As a small kid, he can’t do nothing but watch her mother wait for her death bed.

As the last scene surfaces, we see Diego putting her mother’s dead body into the water body. The imaginary beast that his mind had created stands next to him and he sees the same scars on his hands as her father. Who knows, maybe Salvador did see the beast because he too was subjected to abuse by parents. But since he was strong, he didn’t give into suicide and always told his son to be strong.

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