The Use of the Chicago 7: What Happens to Fred Hampton?

The Trial of the Chicago 7: What Happened to Fred Hampton?

In Aaron Sorkin’s The Annals of the Chicago 7, Kelvin Harrison Jr. portrays Fred Hampton, a 21-year old climbing leader in the Black Panther Party. While the movie does not centre on Hampton’s lifetime, his thoughts and story stay applicable in the ongoing struggle for economic and racial justice. While he had been a unifying force, Hampton’s life has been tragically cut short when authorities shot and murdered him at his own West Side apartment in Chicago.

Thus, who was Fred Hampton? A potent political voice at the late’60therefore, Hampton functioned as the Illinois Black Panther Party chairman. As a pioneer, he also had a knack for attracting different kinds of people together to take part in things of class struggle. He frequently spoke about the way the ruling class used racism to exploit working people. In addition to other leaders,” Hampton also slipped from the trial of the Chicago Seven, that obtained fees of conspiracy and incitement to riot in the 1968 Democratic Party National Convention.

The US authorities followed Hampton carefully and has been excited to extinguish the development of the Black Panther Party. The FBI’s COINTELPRO effort to disrupt and sabotage militant groups targeted at the Illinois chapter of the Black Panthers. On Dec. 4, 1969, 14 police officers raided Hampton’s flat in 2337 W. Monroe St. in 4:30 a.m., implementing a search warrant to develop weapons and explosives the Black Panthers purportedly stockpiled.

The authorities shot and killed both Hampton and 22-year-old Black Panther Party member Mark Clark, besides injuring others. Essential witnesses were Harold Bell and Akua Njeri, Hampton’s fiancée that had been eight-and-a-half weeks pregnant. They afterwards testified that Hampton was dragged alive out of his bed and shot dead following the band surrendered. Even though the officers painted an image of a gun battle, a federal grand jury decided that the authorities were responsible for 82 into 99 gunshots throughout the construction, while just 1 shot seemed to have been fired by the interior. The national authorities, Cook County, and the town of Chicago paid a $1.8 million settlement into Clark along with Hampton’s households, together with the others that survived the ambush.

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