The US President presents a new record of around $4.75 Trillion

US President presents a new record of around $4.75 Trillion

Donald Trump, the president of the United States, has reportedly sent a $4.75 trillion economy plan to Congress. Trump proposed a new frontier in the budget for America this week on Monday. According to the new budget plan, he wants to increase the spending in the military of the US. Nevertheless, he also suggests that there will be steep cuts in environmental production as well as education.

In the entire federal history of the country, Mr. President’s budget has come out to be largest. When it comes to military spending, there is a 5 percent increase in the overall budget for the US military. By the looks of it, the budget is excruciatingly more than what the Pentagon wants to achieve. Nevertheless, the budget also includes an additional $8.6 billion to construct walls right along the Mexican border. The officials of the White House have also made a claim of $1.9 trillion in the field of cost savings. The cost-saving covers some of the mandatory programs such as Medicaid, Medicare, and programs on federal health care.

The Endgame of the New Budget Plan

The budget is not going to have any effect on the real spending levels, given that Congress controls them. The Democrats both in the White House and Senate said that the budget is dead since it arrived. The previous budget plan that Trump came up within the previous years also went through a similar type of backlash. On the other hand, his budget plan did not gain any traction.

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Irrespective of what happened earlier, the President said that his new budget plan is a top-priority for 2020 re-election. With the emergence of the budget plan, both the Democrats and the Republicans have begun carving the fair share of messages. Now the only thing that people are going to witness is how the messages are going to appeal the voters.

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