The Unholy Ending Explained – How Was Alice Revived?

The Unholy Ending Explained
The Unholy Ending Explained

Directed by Evan Spiliotopoulos, The Unholy is an American Supernatural horror film released in the year 2021. It stars Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Cricket Brown in the lead role while William Saddler, Katie Aselton, and Cary Elwes provide the supporting roles.

The movie is based on “The Shrine” by James Herbert and it involves Evan Spiliotopoulos for the writing. The cinematography is taken care of by Craig Wrobleski and it is distributed by Sony Pictures Releasing. The ending of the movie was perplexing and left all of the viewers puzzled. We are here to dissect it as we discuss The Unholy ending explained and break down its final moments.

The Unholy Ending Explained
The Unholy Ending Explained

The Unholy Plot

Movie The Unholy presents a convolution of multiple character story arcs that take place in Banfield, Massachusetts. It includes various characters that go through some shady and gloomy circumstances. The movie tries to tell their experiences as they get involved in these situations.

The film starts with Gerry Fern, a newspaper journalist who wants more fame than anything. However, he’s not having any luck finding the stories that would push his career over to the moon. In the search, he stumbles upon a story of animal mutilation in Banfield, however, he comes across something he would’ve never imagined.

Interaction with Evil Spirit

Gerry wanted everything to be quick. He visited the farms and learned about Kern Dolls. These dolls were used to bring good fortune to the harvest and farmers were using them for better growth of their crop, however, there was another side to it.

Some of them even used it for trapping an evil spirit. Now for Gerry, he wanted to make a story out of it so he broke the doll to break a headline that mutilation was caused by it. However, little did he know that his actions just unleashed an evil spirit that resided inside the doll.

Miracle of Mary

A deaf and dumb Alice stumbled across the tree that had Kern Doll buried. When she returned, she gained the ability to speak and hear. The citizens were astonished to see it and Alice cited that it was Virgin Mary who cured her and she’s going to bring happiness to the village.

However, what she didn’t know was that this woman was Mary Elnor. Back in 1945, she was burned by some priests.

What Was Alice’s Connection?

Alice was the descendant of Mary. Mary had sold her soul to satan and she wanted other villagers to take a pledge to her and take their souls. That’s why through Alice she gathered the people.

Gerry had a sniff of it and he attempted to save these people. He tells everyone that thing about Mary was just a hoax by him. Alice takes control of the body and tells everyone about the same. Mary could no longer see this situation unfold so she comes out to kill Gerry. However, she accidentally ends up killing Alice.

The Unholy Ending Explained – How Was Alice Revived?

With Alice gone, Mary too burns to death as her last descendant was dead. Gerry was filled with regret because Alice died because of him. He thought of her as a daughter and believed that what happened to Alice wasn’t right.

The Unholy Ending Explained
The Unholy Ending Explained

He starts praying for Alice to come back and begs to god. A miracle occurs and Alice comes back to life. There’s no proper explanation of how it happens but it seems like Gerry’s prayers receive answers.

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