The Trailer to Netflix’s Teenage Bounty Hunters Proves It’ll Be Your Next Binge

The Trailer for Netflix's Teenage Bounty Hunters Proves It Will Be Your Next Binge

Netflix has introduced the first trailer for the brand new series Teen Bounty Hunters, that strikes the streaming agency Friday, Aug. 14 and appears to be the next passing. The show was made by Kathleen Jordan (American Princess) and seems just like the product of MTV’s Sweet/Vicious with a baby with Netflix’s Crazyhead and something I can not really place my finger on. Essentially, it seems awesome.

The show follows a set of 16-year-old fraternal twins, both Sterling and Blair (Maddie Phillips and Anjelica Bette Fellini), since they team up with a bounty hunter (Kadeem Hardison) to monitor bail jumpers part-time while also attempting to navigate the most familiar play of high school and associations. Though they’re best buddies, the twins are different: Sterling is a overachiever who chooses college and her spiritual studies seriously and has got a steady boyfriend (Spencer House) who is dedicated to herBlair, meanwhile, is now a vocal nonconformist, the double who is more likely to be regarded as a rebel, although both twins are siphoned from their buttoned-up Southern hometown by diving to the crazy world of bond jumping.

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The 10-episode first time is executive-produced by Jordan, Jenji Kohan, Tara Herrmann, Robert Sudduth, along with Blake McCormick. 

Teenage Bounty Hunters premieres Friday, Aug. 14 on Netflix.

Teenage Bounty HuntersPhoto: Netflix

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