The trailer of “The Great Hack” is finally out

the great hack

The Great Hack trailer

The early cut of Netflix’s original documentary is finally out. The first-ever reduction of The Great Hack did screen during the 2019 Sundance Film Festival. The trailer of the documentary already speaks about what it would show to the viewers.

By the looks of it, The Great Hack would take the viewer through the data scandal concerning Cambridge Analytica/Facebook. The data scandal came into being in early 2018. Karim Amer alongside Jhane Noujaim collectively directed the forthcoming movie.

What is the new documentary all about?

According to the sources and the trailers, the documentary would follow a professor, namely David Caroll of Parsons School. Alongside Caroll, the documentary would also follow one of the notable employees of Cambridge Analytica, Brittany Kaiser. On the other hand, the documentary would also feature Carole Cadwalladr’s interview, one of the notable journalists of The Guardian.

It was Carole Cadwalladr who caught the air of the scandal. Moreover, Carole had help from the former chairman of the company Julian Wheatland to put together details of the significant data breach. The documentary’s trailer begins with a snippet, which shows that Facebook is recording the data of the viewers. In the modern-day 21st century, data is said to be the most important asset.

Moreover, the documentary also showcases the courtroom proceeding events which did manage to accumulate significant coverage of media.

What is the message of the documentary?

The Great Hack is going to explore the painstaking aftermath that comes after the exploitation of users’ data. According to the streaming giant, Netflix, the value of data is much more than the value of oil in the modern world.

The exploitation of data would give rise to political as well as cultural warfare that the people are trying to avoid. Judy Korin, Geralyn Dreyfous, Pedro Kos and Amer server as the producers of the movie. The film will head to a few theatres and on Netflix from the 24th of July.

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