The Strange House ending explained – Who’s the Murderer?

The Strange House ending explained - Who is the Murderer?
The Strange House ending explained - Who is the Murderer?

Cinema has often tried mixing up the elements of horror and comedy into the same genre. While in some cases it works, others don’t share the same fate. However, the recent addition of Netflix, The Strange House (Das Schaurige Haus), somehow succeeds in captivating the griming and horrifying atmosphere into the wholesome story.

It is a tale of completeness and oneness of individuals dealing with a horrible past. The director Daniel Prochaska delivers a convolution of the horror genre with comedy aspects and produces a fun product of this franchise.

The Strange House ending explained - Who is the Murderer?
The Strange House ending explained

So if you’ve already streamed the movie on your Netflix, there may be a possibility that some of it went over your heads. Of course, intellectuals don’t need any explaining, but we got you covered for those who are still scratching their heads.

Here is a full explanation of the satisfying and wholesome ending of The Strange House. 

The Strange House Story

Eddie and Hendrick, along with her mother Sabine, move to a village from a big city. This transition doesn’t receive a warm reception from Hendrick, but he complies nonetheless.

It turns out the house they’re locating is haunted, as dubbed by the villagers. Sabine doesn’t pay much heed to it, but when Eddie starts sleepwalking and starts drawing random stuff on the wall, things get rough.

While wandering the rest of the village, the kids come across other kids named Fritz and Ida. Together they learn about the past associated with the haunted house.

A mother poisoned her kids, and now they wander in the place, haunting people. They combine their efforts to get rid of the ghosts and let them achieve ultimate peace.

Finding the Murderer

When Hendrick comes across a familiar number plate, he hides in that vehicle. He believes that murderer must be the owner of the car. When he exits, he comes across Mr Rockl and his mother. He immediately rushes to Ida to tell her about a suspected affair between Mr Polzmann and Mr Rockl’s mother.

The Strange House ending explained - Who is the Murderer?
Finding Murderer

He succeeds in doing so, but at the moment, they are getting chased by Mr Rockl. They stumble across a cave, and with Hendrick’s mobile damaged, he has no means of communication. Ida decides to get help to get entrapped Hendrick out as he shows his gratitude for coming into town.

Who’s the Murderer

After dumping them in a cave, Mr Rockl arrives at home only to be confronted by the police. Ida rushes to the house and tells Sabine about the state of Hendrick being trapped in the cave. Sabine assures that she will save him.

We finally find out that Mrs Rockl poisoned the family because of her affair with Mr Polzmann. It wasn’t Mrs Polzmann who was responsible for the death of her children. After finding the true killer, she finally found peace.

The Strange House ending explained - Who is the Murderer?
Netflix’s The Strange House ending explained

So Did Hendrick Get Saved?

Hendrick told his last words to Ida, believing that he won’t get saved. However, a considerable surprise awaited him. Her mother, who specializes in the caves, saves her son, and a group of friends solves the village’s famous mystery.

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