The Seventh Day ending explained – Who Was Possessed?

The Seventh Day ending explained
The Seventh Day ending explained

Directed by Justin P. Lange, The Seventh Day is a modern horror movie recently added to the collection of Netflix. It follows the classic exorcism setting with a fantastic twist in the end. The movie revolves around Father Peter and his new student Father Daniel who are tasked to exorcise a young boy called Charlie.

On the surface, it looks like another normal exorcism, however, things get ugly turn and chaos breaks out. Father Daniel learns a horrific truth related to Father Peter and other priests. The finale of the movie had an amazing twist. Only a few may have seen it coming. If you’re one of those, bingo! For cracking it. However, if you didn’t understand what took place in the last moments of the movie, we are here for you. Let’s discuss The Seventh Day ending explained.

The Seventh Day ending explained

What Happened in 1995?

At the beginning of the movie, we see a brief flashback that features young Peter. He along with his mentor Father Louise need exorcise a boy named Nicky from the demon. They conduct the ritual but things don’t go as planned. The demon possessing Nicky goes extremely violent. In the process, Father Louise dies as he gets stabbed in the throat. Having no other choice, Peter burns the body of Nicky hence saving himself.

Who is Father Daniel?

25 years later, we see a recruit exorcist in the form of Father Daniel. Father Peter who’s already a veteran in his field has undertaken this newly joined priest. To assess him, Father Peter takes Daniel to a shelter where he has to identify the person possessed by a demon. Daniel couldn’t do it and even fails to exorcise the person.

Why Did Charlie Kill His Family?

Charlie is a young boy with the the possession of demon in his body. We learn that in the same morning, he killed his entire family and was apprehended by the police. The duo of Daniel and Peter is assigned to look over the matter.

However, this time, Peter asks Daniel to investigate and conduct the exorcism of this boy. He meets up with Charlie to see if a demon resides within him. Upon their meeting, he experiences some supernatural elements which confirm the existence of a demon within the boy.

How Was Charlie Possessed?

By extended investigation, Daniel concludes that Charlie and his friends had interacted with the Ouja board. They invited a demon and hence in return, he possessed the body of Charlie. Finally, he makes the contact with the demon by using the same Ouja board and heads forward to carry out the exorcism.

The Seventh Day ending explained – Did Daniel Exorcise Charlie?

To conduct the exorcism, Daniel and Peter go to the police station to retrieve their subject. However, upon reaching they find out that Charlie has killed every police personnel and is about to attack them. They somehow evade and capture him to conduct the ritual.

The Seventh Day ending explained – Did Daniel Exorcise Charlie?

As a final trial, it’s up to Daniel to exorcise the possessed boy. While carrying out the ritual, something clicks Daniel. He comes to realize that Father Peter was the one who was possessed by the demon. So he instead starts exorcising him to get rid of the demon. Peter tries to attack him but Daniel neutralizes him by stabbing his throat.

Was Peter Possessed?

After looking through the archive files, Daniel concludes that a demon possessed Peter back in 1995. Furthermore, all the recruits under him also suffer the same fate. They wanted to increase the network of priests possessed by a demon. Father Daniel, would’ve become their latest member had he not killed Father Peter.

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