The Saudis denied their involvement in the affair leak of Jeff Bezos’

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Jeff Bezos affair leak

The officials of Saudi Arabia, the probable suspects of leaking Bezos and Lauren Sanchez’s affair, have denied their involvement. According to the recent statement, the Saudis did not orchestrate the leak. The Saudis said that they did not provide any substance that paved its way to National Enquirer’s report.

One of the officials of Saudi Arabia shared a few details about their non-involvement in the leak. The official said that the Kingdom (as in Saudi Arabia) rejects the allegation related to their involvement in this matter. According to the official, the dispute is entirely between the acclaimed American Media Inc and Jeff Bezos, Amazon’s owner. The National Enquirer is solely responsible as far as publishing the tabloid is concerned.

The response from the Saudis came into being after the private investigation wrote about Saudi’s involvement in the leak. The private investigator claims that the Saudis have had access to the phones of the billionaire. According to de Becker, the Kingdom was able to accumulate private information from Jeff Bezos’ phone.

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Gavin de Becker holds the Saudis responsible for the leak

The name of the private investigator is Gavin de Becker. According to Daily Beast, Becker hasn’t yet come forward with concrete evidence to make his claim relevant. The private investigator doesn’t have a clue if AMI was aware of the details.

According to the Saudi Official, the entire allegation is an apparent attempt to destroy the kinship of Saudi Arabia. Lauren Sanchez’s brother, Michael Sanchez played a crucial role to provide the story to the National Enquirer. According to AMI, no other parties were involved in the controversy.

Bezos said that AMI tried pursuing him to get in good terms with the government of Saudi Arabia. The murder and abduction case of Jamal Khashoggi is an element of the leak. Khashoggi used to work as a columnist for The Washington Post that Jeff Bezos owns. Khashoggi wrote a curriculum against the crown prince, and this led to his murder.

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