The Rock hit himself in the face with chains during his workout on Monday! Whoa!

The Rock Strike The Gym Just a Little TOO Difficult This Time – Watch The Bloody Injury Video!

This dude doesn’t mess up at the gym… and he has the injuries to prove it!

Dwayne”The Rock” Johnson submitted a critically regarding movie for his Instagram accounts on Monday, showing a horrible injury directly above his left eye, with blood dripping down his head and all!

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Ever the rough man, the prior wrestler-turned-movie superstar did not bat an eye (pun intended) in the damn mess, rather preferring to”keep coaching and sew this up afterwards — principles of the home.” Well, after tasting his blood , that’s. No, seriously! And he is not bashful about it!

Ch-ch-check outside The Rock’s special way of getting past harms (under ) — even be warned whether it may make you queasy, there’s a tiny bit of blood within this movie:


Just the other day at the gym using all the toughest celeb on the market! For the album, however, we will adhere to tiddlywinks if that is exactly what his work outs are similar to! LOLz!

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Do not presume Kevin Hart‘s BFF is one-dimensional, however; since you can see (below) at another IG article he shared Monday, the celebrity has a softer side, too!

Here he’s celebrating his cherished momma’s birthday with the entire family there at tow:

Awww! ) Cutest thing ever! Insanely tough AND incredibly sweet… provide you with a guy who will do both! Ha!

Seriously, though, what is up with tasting the bloodstream?! Did he need to do this?? Too extreme for our exercise objectives! We will only cheer him while viewing by a lounge chair on both sides, or some thing. LOLz!!

[Image via The Rock/Instagram]

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