Snyder Cut reveals the reason for Steppenwolf’s exile

Why Was Steppenwolf Being Punished In The Snyder Cut?
Why Was Steppenwolf Being Punished In The Snyder Cut?

Since Zack Snyder’s Justice League came out, it has received heavy praises from fans and critics alike. With the disaster that the 2017 version was, he’s done a remarkable job in revamping the whole movie. This 4-hour long action-packed thriller expanded some of the dull plot points from its predecessor and unfurled them in a way fans appreciated.

One of those key points was the character of Steppenwolf who seemingly gained good relevance in Zack Snyder’s Justice League. In this article, we discuss why Steppenwolf being punished in The Snyder Cut and more details about it.

Snyder Cut Reveals the Reason for Steppenwolf’s Exile
Snyder’s Cut Justice League

What Changed In Zack Snyder’s Justice League?

For the most part, Zack Snyder’s version followed the plot similar to the 2017 version. The changes lie on a micro level where Zack explores the character that didn’t receive appropriate attention. This is mostly true for the villains whose stories and plots were rushed in the previous installment.

Zack has given proper screentime and direction to them and in doing so solved some unexplained story elements left in the 2017 Justice League.

What was the Role of Steppenwolf in Justice League 2017?

Steppenwolf was also introduced as a character who was on the mission to collect mother boxes in the 2017 version. Apart from that, there was no information regarding his end goals or his relationship with Darkseid. In addition to the absence of information, even the design of Steppenwolf wasn’t up to the mark. Fans pointed out this lack of development in the movie and were pretty disappointed with how it unfolded.

What was the Role of Steppenwolf in Justice League 2017?

How did it change in Zack Snyder’s Justice League?

Snyder did a pretty great job in rectifying mistakes committed in the 2017 version and that involved giving proper detail to the character of Steppenwolf. Apart from finding mother boxes, we find out that the end goal of Steppenwolf is to get on the good side of Darkseid. They’ve had some conflict of sorts in the past due to which he is receiving the punishment.

How did it change in Zack Snyder’s Justice League?
Steppenwolf Comparison in Both Versions

Why Was Steppenwolf Being Punished?

Steppenwolf in the past made a huge mistake that made Darkseid never trust him again. He had involvement in the coup attempted to discard the ruler of planet Apokalips. This ruler was no other than Darkseid himself. The coupe failed and Darkseid was pretty mad at Steppenwolf for his involvement in such an incident.

What Steppenwolf Did to Make Amends?

We find out the goal of Steppenwolf in his conversation with Dessad, the right-hand man of Darkseid. Steppenwolf needs to secure more than 50000 planets to make up for the mistakes he committed in the past. It surely is a stretch but considering what he tried to do, it doesn’t feel like much.

In any case, Snyder Cut did handle him pretty well and gave his character a motivation that fans can relate to.

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