The real truth about Bezos’ extramarital affair and racy texts, it’s not Donald Trump

jeff bezos divorce

Jeff Bezos and MacKenzie Bezos Divorce

Jeff Bezos’ story has been told incorrectly. The media was caught up in a frenzy when the National Enquirer said that Bezos is into an extramarital affair. National Enquirer reported that Bezos had sent texts some bizarre texts and photos of his manhood to Lauren Sanchez. And in the end, Bezos came forward with a hefty PR and legal team and began defending his honor.

And it led to some of the sympathizers of Bezos who said that the CEO of Amazon had been hacked. Rumors came into being that a specific government sports Bezos’ photos and texts. Out of nowhere Saudi Arabia also came into play. And here some people said that Saudi has its hand for defaming Bezos. According to a few sympathizers, it was that Saudi Arabia that influenced Enquirer for targeting Bezos.

And this even had a great alibi as Washington Post covered the kidnap and murder of Kamal Khashoggi. And then there was another speculation suggesting that Trump might be behind revealing the racy texts and pictures about Bezos.

The truth behind Jeff Bezos and Lauren Sanchez affair

It was Bezos who was the mastermind behind screwing his image. Bezos took the help of his security consultant and fed the information to its newspaper. On top of that, the Bezos also came forward with a well-developed personal statement on online publishing platform Medium.

Lawrence O’Donnell on 7th of Feb said that Bezos’ statement had become a significant moment in digital communication’s history. This proves that anyone can hack anyone, even someone like Jeff Bezos. And private things aren’t private in the present day world.


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In early March, The New York Times came up with a glowing report about Jeff and his Girlfriend, Lauren Sanchez. And during this phase, the loose cannon, fame-hungry brother of Lauren, Michael came up with the gossip of the decade. Things were quite perplexing but people have a clearer picture now.

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