The Real Love Boat Brett Illness? Everything You Need to Know!

the real love boat brett illness

A reality television star and musician, Brett DeLaura. He is a member of the Country-Pop Brother Trio Holiday State, which also consists of Bry and Brandon DeLaura. Brett made an appearance on The Real Love Boat, a brand-new American reality dating series, in October 2022.

In addition to his career in music, Brett is a Sales and Product Line Manager for the Irvine, California-based Mitchell & Ness Nostalgia Co. Prior to this, he held positions as Product Design & Merchandising Manager at ASICS America Corporation and Charly USA. Brett worked for the Los Angeles Dodgers from March 2008 until September 2010, where he mediated interactions between VIP clients and the sales team at Premium Services. Brett began working in 2005 as a valet attendant at the St. Regis Resort & Spa in Monarch Beach, according to his LinkedIn profile.

He received his high school diploma in 2003 while attending Capistrano Valley High School in Mission Viejo, California. He eventually enrolled at California State University, Fullerton, where in 2008 he earned a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Marketing. Brett likes to travel, watch sports, and hang out with his friends and family in his free time. He also loves vehicles a lot.

Age of Brett De Laura

the real love boat brett illness

He was a native of the USA. Unknown is Brett DeLaura‘s exact age. As of 2022, he is 36 years old. He’s presently a Californian who lives in Orange County.

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 Star of “Grace Under Fire” on Difficulties and Surviving

the real love boat brett illness

Hard times are nothing new to Butler. She had already conquered alcoholism and a violent marriage by the time she was found performing stand-up in New York City in the middle of the 1980s. Her father had also been an abusive alcoholic, which had led to a self-fulfilling cycle of violence.

Butler later developed a Vicodin addiction as a result of the stress of playing Grace, a popular Chuck Lorre sitcom based on her life (except for the parenting aspect because Butler never had children).

(After being given the medication to treat her sciatica, she developed a dependence on it.) Her own admission of using drugs made her an unpredictable nightmare on set, leading to the show’s premature abandonment in its fifth season after only 14 of the intended 25 episodes had been filmed.

Butler admits, “I truly was difficult towards the bloody bitter end.” “I was completely insane. Drugs will alter you in that way. The cancellation of the show should have happened sooner.

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The Real Love Boat with Brett De Laura

the real love boat brett illness

Brett, 36, is a contestant on The Real Love Boat, a CBS reality dating programme now in its first season. In September 2022, he received cast member news. On September 17, he posted on Instagram, “All Aboard…,” indicating that he will appear in the upcoming series. I’m sailing the broad seas now! What about love? Follow my adventure at The Real Love Boat and don’t forget to catch the new CBS programme, which premieres on Wednesday, October 5th.

The experiences of real-life American singles who were paired up for a Mediterranean cruise in search of true love are the centre of the new reality show The Real Love Boat. The show premiered on CBS on Wednesday, October 5th. Fans may watch the original series whenever they want on ParamountPlus.

Shea-Lynn Noyes, Daniel Yorel Cooper, Alisa Shah, Michael Gonzalez, Brooke White, Jordan Malabanan, Forrest Jones, Marty Hassett, Emily Stone, Nathan Kroger, and Nicole Wong are additional participants from The Real Love Boat season 1 who are single.

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