The ‘PrintNightmare’ Windows update made some printers unrecognizable

The ‘PrintNightmare’ Windows update made some printers unrecognizable
The ‘PrintNightmare’ Windows update made some printers unrecognizable

Some people who installed Microsoft’s security patch have now found out that the printer is not getting connected and stopped working. This spring, system admins discovered that many PCs suddenly couldn’t connect to printers after installing a Windows 10 security update.

Mostly, it was reported for Zebra label printers and the Windows 10 update is KB5004945 patch. Microsoft acknowledged the problem as a known issue that can be solved by rolling back the patch or reinstalling the printer as an administrator.

Zebra acknowledged the problem in a statement and said Microsoft plans to release an updated patch in the next couple of days to address the issue. The 6th July update named “KB5004945” caused printing issues for multiple brands of printers.

As of now, Microsoft is investigating the matter and it has planned to release an update within the next 1–2 business days. Users who need instant relief from this problem can try uninstalling the Windows “KB5004945” update or uninstall and reinstall the affected printer driver with Administrative credentials.

Others can wait for the next Windows update which will come with the fix. Zebra printer customers who need assistance regarding Zebra printers can contact Technical Support Team.

The PrintNightmare issue was so serious that Microsoft started delivering patches for all affected versions of Windows like Windows 7, 8.1 and several editions of Windows Server, and Windows 10.

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