The prequel of Game of Thrones will revolve around House Stark

Game of Thrones

In the month of May, the eighth and the final season of Game of Thrones came to an end. After The Sopranos and The Wire, Game of Thrones was the most loved and watched series in the whole. Moreover, it is safe to say that the viewers of Game of Thrones increase every day.

However, the Story of who sits on the Iron Throne has come to an end. It is Bran, aka the Three-Eyed Raven, who is the protector of the realm. Even before the eighth season of Game of Thrones made its debut, the showrunners and executive producers were talking about the prequel spin-off series.

What is the status of GoT’s Prequel?

According to a new source, HBO has already wrapped the filming of the pilot episode of Game of Thrones’ prequel. The source also suggests that the filming of the series has already begun in Northern Ireland.

The author of the novel, The Song of Ice and Fire gives a little insight into the show. According to George R R Martin, the Starks have made it to the prequel series. Nevertheless, the cunning Lannisters are not there in the prequel’s pilot as of now. Yet, the Casterly Rock is still present in the prequel.

Targaryens are not in the prequel

According to Martin’s recent revelation, the prequel is set 5000 years priors to the events of GoT. During Aegon’s conquest, there were seven kingdoms in Westeros. But before the conquest, Westeros had twelve distinctive countries, or there could be a hundred kingdoms.

The White Walkers have an essential role in the prequel spin-off series. In Martin’s book, the White Walkers are said to be “The Others.” As the prequel won’t revolve around the Targaryens, the series might not feature dragons roaming freely in Westeros. The prequel will tell different tales about the Stark, the noble houses of Westeros, the Starks. The prequel will also serve as White Walker’s origin story.

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