The national broadcaster have to adapt to a shifting media landscape

the national broadcaster must adapt to a changing media landscape

The press is shifting. Along with the ABC should change with this.

ABC photographer Matt Roberts covering the NSW bushfires about January 1, 2020 (Picture AAP/Sean Davey)

On demand, on line, private for you: that is the challenge to the ABC, including all broadcasters, as Australian press navigates the conclusion of program broadcasting. It is the stress that underlies the daily dramas of character modifications, board appointments and funding reductions.

seems great, but it entails shattering the customs of terminal destination programming which the ABC has spent years building up, substituting it with a universe of on-demand podcasts, streaming and information on the internet. Even harder: the crowd is not there — or much (perhaps most) are not.

Each measure will be inherently tentative. Every shift contested. Simply take the 15 moment 7. 45am state-based regional radio bulletin, place to be axed this season. For opponents of this shift, it is nevertheless the news anchor that it had been constructed to be: in which crowds come to the terminal program for the information which begins daily. It is that predictability, the destinationists state, that attracts trust and authority.

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