The Misfits ending explained – Did They Achieve Their Goal?

The Misfits ending explained - Did They Achieve Their Goal?
The Misfits ending explained - Did They Achieve Their Goal?

Directed by Renny Harlin, The Misfits is a heist movie starring Pierce Brosnan in the lead role along with Rami Jaber, Hermione Corfield, Jamie Chung, Mike d Angelo, Nick Cannon, and Tim Roth. The plot centres on a group of vigilantes known as Misfits who carry out heists to steal and deliver the stolen goods to the needy.

At least that’s what their resume reads. In an upcoming mission, they need to break into an extremely secure prison to steal the gold. To accomplish this, they hire Richard Pace a well-renowned person known for causing prison breaks. At first, he isn’t accomodating of the Misfits because the prison contains gold by a big terrorist. However, later he complies with their demand and decides to join the group for this heist.

While the movie suffers from a lot of problems, it does carry a sense of suspense. Featuring lots of twists and turn, it can surely blend some minds. The ending though however was conclusive and saw some resolution. The movie certainty has some issues like oversaturation of multiple plotlines as mentioned by many critics.

However, in the end, it’s just another fun heist movie. Let’s check out The Misfits ending explained!

The Misfits ending explained

Who Are The Misfits?

The Misfits is a group of individuals who consider themselves to be Robinhood by robbing the rich and giving it to the poor. Their target this time is a prison overseen by Schultz, a Lackey to terrorist Abu Hirawa.

Considered to be the most challenging prison to break into, The Misfits along with Richard Pace approach it to steal the gold (funds for Abu Hirawa) and distribute it to the Zaatari refugee camp.

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How Did They Break Into Prison?

The group dresses up as kitchen staff to infiltrate the prison. First, they poison the food being fed to the prisoners. After poison takes its effect, the entire prison turns into chaos. This made Schultz panic as he began to deploy the counter.

The gold was located in the laundry room and the Misfits successfully cracked the code and took out gold. To carry out the gold without being suspect, they first melted it and shaped it into a broken statue. Even though they were successful in getting out of prison and loading the statue in the van, it didn’t eliminate the pursuit by Schultz.

Pierce Brosnan as Richard Pace

The Misfits ending explained – How Did They Escape?

The Misfits were getting chased by Schultz and his group. However, the prince who recruited the group had a little surprised prepared. He had his military troops ready to intercept Schultz and his men. They succeeded in the escape and gave away money to a refugee camp.

The Aftermath

Upon the request of The Misfits, Richard Pace joined their group. Meanwhile, Abu Hirawa caught Schultz for letting his funds get stolen. There’s a possibility of the sequel that can see another heist taking place.

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