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the league cast
Key Takeaways

The League is a seven-season American comedy that aired on FX and then FXX from October 29, 2009 to December 9, 2015. The series is a semi-improvised comedy set in Chicago, Illinois, about a fantasy football league, its participants, and their daily lives.

The sitcom is set in Chicago and follows six buddies who compete in a fantasy football league. The programme portrays a group of friends who would go to any length to win while coping with various crises that arise in their daily lives.


the league cast

In the pilot episode, Mark Duplass plays Peter “Pete” Eckhart, a three-time league champion who divorces his wife Meegan (Leslie Bibb). His interactions with women are the subject of several episodes. Pete is well-known for duping his trusting pals (especially Taco and Andre) into making bad fantasy football transactions, which he refers to as “trade rapes.” He works in sales in a cubicle, avoiding doing actual work as much as possible, though in the season 5 episode “The Automatic Faucet,” he declares that he is done with fantasy football and focuses solely on work—except for when he helps his boss set up a team for an office project, much like he did with his fantasy-football lineup, which actually earns him a promotion. He becomes a referee in Season 7. During the episode “The Reunion,” he designs and is the commissioner of the “Sacko,” a “worst-team” prize. He still retains the pole vault record at North Winnetka High School. When he bought Chicago Bears tickets from a guy in the park, he got a “Fear Boner.” Pete earns $1 million and retires into the sunset in the series finale, earning the beach mansion. Pete, not Andre, is revealed to be the father of Meegan’s kid.

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Rodney Ruxin is played by Nick Kroll. He is a vicious and aggressive product-liability lawyer who is just as cutthroat and nasty in the League as he is in the courtroom. With his wife Sofia, he “out-kicked his coverage,” so he goes to tremendous efforts to satisfy her. He’s caught between wanting to impress her and wanting to destroy his League opponents. Ruxin is paranoid in numerous episodes and throughout Season 3, believing that his opponents are “trying to get into his brain” or that other League members are “colluding” to deceive him, although his paranoid hunches have been proven true at least twice: in “Expert Witness” and “The Lockout.” He says of himself in “The Bounce Test,” “I look like a Nazi propaganda caricature of a Jew.” Geoffrey is his son from his marriage to Sofia (“Baby Geoffrey”).

the league cast

He prefers the moniker Ruxin to Rodney; his sister Rebecca (Lizzy Caplan) refers to him as the “Rod-Man,” and Taco refers to him as “Ruspin,” two nicknames he dislikes equally. He won the League championship in season two. His penchant for dating huge ladies in high school earned him the moniker “The Herdsman.” His sardonic temperament was acquired from his father, Rupert (Jeff Goldblum), who also goes by the name Ruxin. After catching Kevin in his “clown vehicle of lies,” he declares season 3 null and worthless and proclaims himself the winner by default after magically recuperating from the after-effects of a stress-induced stroke after uncovering the conspiracy (after catching sight of Shiva). In return for becoming the next league commissioner—and the name rights to Kevin and Jenny’s infant, which he trades to Taco for his #1 draught pick—he agrees that the events of season 3 of the TV show—season 7 of their actual League—will count. In season 4, he is solely the commissioner. Ruxin is a Northwestern University graduate.

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Jenny MacArthur (née Banger), played by Katie Aselton, is Kevin’s wife, who assists him in running his squad and is as enthusiastic about the League as the real members are throughout season 1. Jenny is compelled to streak when Kevin loses a bet to Pete in season 1 since she is plainly Kevin’s manager. Jenny wants her own League team in season 2, but the members choose to give the vacant seat to Ruxin’s brother-in-law Rafi; enraged, Jenny seeks vengeance by assisting Ruxin in the draught instead. During that season, she is inducted into the League to replace Rafi, and her team finally loses in the Shiva Bowl against Ruxin’s side. Her nasty tongue is on par with Kevin’s, and their daughter Ellie is already following in their footsteps. She tells Kevin that their second kid is on the way at the end of Season 3. In the Season 4 opener, she gives birth to their son. In the Shiva Bowl of Season 5, she beats Andre.

the league cast

Dr. Andre Nowzick is played by Paul Scheer. A bald, wealthy plastic surgeon who is the target of numerous jokes due to his naiveté. His pals criticize him relentlessly for wearing what he considers to be contemporary apparel. He attempts to be cool by utilizing contemporary language, notably hip-hop jargon, but his friends and others, such as professional football player Chad Johnson, frequently chastise him. After starting a committed relationship with Shivakamini Somakandarkram, Andre wins the Shiva at the end of Season 1. (the namesake of the League trophy). Andre renames the trophy “the Dre” in the season-2 premiere, prompting the others to rename it “the SheDre.” Worshiping a false deity in “the Dre” brings terrible luck, which is dubbed “DrAIDS.” As a result, he has the league’s poorest record, and he swiftly slides from first to last. He endures several penalties as a Sacko victim, ranging from humiliating to brutal. In season 3, for example, he gets locked out of his flat while Dirty Randy (Seth Rogen) films a low-budget porno partly based on Andre’s life. Except for Andre, Jenny, and Ruxin, Andre’s sister Heather (Sarah Silverman) has had sex with everyone in the League. Andre was engaged to Trixie Von Stein (Jayma Mays), his interior decorator, but the League ruined their wedding. He also opens a wine bar with fellow League member Russell, Menage a Cinq, but Russell’s sex addiction ruins things. Andre dates, then marries, Pete’s ex-wife Meegan in season 7.

Kevin MacArthur, played by Stephen Rannazzisi: Kevin is the league commissioner from Seasons 1–3. He is an associate district attorney and Pete’s best friend. In season 5, he returns as commissioner. Because he struggles to compete in the league on his own, he frequently seeks football advice from his wife Jenny, which the rest of the League constantly mocks. Jenny ultimately becomes a member of the League, taking the place of Ruxin’s brother-in-law Rafi. He has never won the Shiva, the honor awarded to the League winners since the commencement of the series (named after Shivakamini Somakandarkram, a high-school classmate to whom Kevin lost his virginity). He received a “Fear Boner” in college when he feared he was going to be mugged by someone who was only looking for directions. Kevin wins season three, but Ruxin deems the season void due to conspiracy and lying unless Kevin agrees to grant Ruxin the commissioner job and name rights to his infant. Kevin has been “hypnotized” (hypnotized while under the influence of marijuana) by his brother Taco, and if Taco repeats the phrase “pumpernickel,” Kevin passes out. Jenny and Pete have also programmed Kevin in the same way, Jenny using dog-training techniques and Pete using a retractable ballpoint pen. Kevin has a little daughter named Ellie, who gets her bad tongue from her parents, and a boy dubbed Chalupa Batman by his Uncle Taco in the first episode of Season 4, but renamed Christopher Benjamin by his parents in the next episode. Ruxin’s brother-in-law, Rafi, refers to him as ‘Brian’ rather than Kevin.

the league cast

Kevin’s younger brother, a permanently stoned, jobless musician, is played by Jon Lajoie. He is uninterested in American football and prefers to choose Canadian football players, particularly placekickers. He has at least one League championship, as evidenced by his scribbled name on the trophy from 2006. He has no trouble hooking up with ladies and survives on handouts from Kevin and his “Eskimo family tree” (those who have slept with women he has slept with) as well as creating his own food (thousand-year-old eggs) and personal hygiene items such as deodorant. He’s also a ringtone maker (Horse Orgasm or, “Horsegasm”). He studies and uses a naginata (a long stick with a sword at the end) in his martial arts training. He means well, but his gestures of compassion almost always backfire. He is the league’s most emotional player, frequently sobbing when his feelings are harmed.

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Ruxin said in the unrated version of season 1 that Taco is such a “frittata” because he was forced to consume marijuana when he was eight years old. Between seasons 2 and 3, Taco travels the world and stars in Algerian soap operas as a bumbling American. He likes having “guest bongs” at his buddies’ houses. In season 4, it is revealed that he owns the domain name, which was purchased for $250,000 by Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones. In Season 5, he converts his uncle’s vehicle into a series of failed small companies. He is also revealed to be extremely intelligent when he is not high, maybe the most intelligent member of the League. After Mark Cuban acquires his Eskimo-Brother DataBase for $1.1 million in season 6, it makes him a lot of money, and he launches additional businesses.