The Last Starfighter movie remains in the works

The Last Starfighter sequel is still in the works

There’ve already been rumblings through the past few years about a possible movie or reboot into THE LAST STARFIGHTER, also Gary Whitta (ROGUE ONE: A STAR WARS STORY) shown two decades ago he had been working in a sequel to the movie using first screenwriter Jonathan Betuel. It has been a time since we last heard about this job, however, Betuel given a short update about where they are at using all the THE LAST STARFIGHTER sequel whilst lately talking with MovieHole.

It seems like we are going to be producing the bargain to have it moving. Gary’s a talented collaborator, we are going to be writing the script together but it’s taken a very long moment. I needed to experience a procedure that took time to conquer the rights, however was recently finished and nothing is clear sailing, so it appears like we’ve got a great chance today. So I am really excited about taking this up.

There’d been rumours that the job could take the kind of a TV series rather than a film, however, Betuel verified that the undertaking will soon be a”film along with all of the bells and whistles,” and added that even though there’ll be references to the first movie, it will not be a retread of the exact same narrative. It appears that THE LAST STARFIGHTER sequel may be a thing of a legacy-quel since Betuel stated that the initial leads”are parents and moment has now passed. It is not a vampire, it is likely to last the narrative. What is changed is the time , certainly since the movie universe and the alien earth have continued to tick off. It is not a time capsule of those 80so by some other way, we are taking it to another level. Passing the torch… or even the joystick.”

If, like me, you can not really remember what exactly the 1984 movie was about, it accompanied Alex Rogan (Lance Guest) because he turned into embarrassingly great at a arcade game named Starfighter. After he turned into the highest-scoring participant, Rogan was approached with the game’s founder who disclosed that the match is a recruitment tool to get a true intergalactic battle. Bring on the crazy aliens and CG distance conflicts!

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