The Last Son Ending Explained – Did LeMay Die?

Directed by Tim Sutton and written by Greg Johnson, The Last Son is a western action drama movie released in 2021. It stars Sam Worthington in the lead role with the supporting cast that consists of Machine Gun Kelly, Thomas Jane, Emily Marie Palmer, and Heather Graham.

The movie takes place in the wild west during the 1900s period which tells the story of a father who embarks on the journey to kill his bloodline. His reason for doing this is to ensure his survival. The movie provides viewers with action-packed drama with many tangling plot points. Let’s discuss The Last Son ending explained and break down its final moments.

The Last Son Ending Explained – Did LeMay Die?
The Last Son Ending Explained – Did LeMay Die?

The Last Son Plot

Isaac LeMay was an ex-army person who used to kill Cheyenne while he was employed. During his tenure, he had met with various whores and unintendedly bore many children. During one of the fights with the Cheyenne chief, he got a curse from him that his offspring will kill him in the future.

This prophecy scared Isaac and him to ensure his survival, he decided to become a devil and finish his bloodline. He visited a saloon by the name of Two-in-One to kill Lionel, one of the sons of a whore named Anna.

He kills Lionel and then goes to Anna to ask about Lionel’s twin. However, Anna tells him that he had no twins. Before leaving he kills Anna by slithering her wrists and then moves to the next location.

He visits Claire who was also one of the whores. But now, she lives a peaceful life with her husband and her daughter Megan. After carefully examining, Isaac lets go of Megan since she doesn’t seem harmless.

Cal Talisker

Anna lied about Lionel not having a brother. Cal Talisker was a brother of Lionel who was sent to Virginia City by her mother because she didn’t want to raise him among the whores.

He went on to join the army as a Gatling Gun loader, however, later he was discharged from the services. The raging emotions got him and he decides to become an outlaw and started killing the officers of the law and started robbing people.

The Last Son Ending Explained – Did LeMay Die?
The Last Son Ending Explained – Did LeMay Die?

The Last Son Ending Explained – Did LeMay Die?

Anna told Cal to leave the country since his father is coming to kill him, however, Cal didn’t listen to her. Instead, he raised a small army and secured some ammunition to attack his father. Meanwhile, some enforcers approached officer Solomon in Virginia City to apprehend LeMay.

After some squabble, Solomon was able to capture LeMay. However, the arrival of Cal and Megan to the city made things worse. Cal with his army made an entrance into the city and Solomon confronted him. Cal shot Solomon and in this whole farce, Isaac manages to escape.

He then faces off with his last son in a gunfight. Both of them took a hit but it was Cal who died. Taking advantage of the situation, Megan shot Isaac and left the city immediately. So it was the harmless daughter who killed the father in the end.

Later on, Megan went on to live her life peacefully and got married. She also had three children with two daughters and one son. So the prophecy of Cheyenne came true and the last son of his bloodline survived.

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