The Last Mercenary Ending Explained – Did Richard Save His Son?

The Last Mercenary Ending Explained - Did Richard Save His Son?
The Last Mercenary Ending Explained - Did Richard Save His Son?

Directed by David Charhon, The Last Mercenary is a French action comedy movie. It stars Jean-Claude Van Damme in the lead role while Alban Ivanov, Assa Sylla, and Samir Decazza act as supporting cast. The movie’s theme centers on the parents going out of their way to save their sons.

The movie’s plot revolves around Richard Brumere, a former secret agent turned rogue mercenary in the quest of saving his son Archibald from the crime he’s accused of. The series of events follows Richard forming his team to get Archibald out of this situation where meets some known faces from the past.

There was a nice little twist at the end that indicated how Archibald was just caught up in someone else’s scheme. If you weren’t able to catch the last moments of the movie, we are here for you. Let’s find out The Last Mercenary ending explained.

The Last Mercenary Ending Explained – Did Richard Save His Son?

The Last Mercenary Plot

Richard Brumere operates as a mercenary who was a secret agent in the past. In one of his outings, he receives a message from Fernand that reads “The goose is out of the freezer”. The message is an indication that the immunity of his son Archibald is revoked by Paris Secret Services.

He immediately storms off to Paris only to find that his son got arrested by the French Police. Not only that but Fernand, who sent him the message is also killed for some reason. When he delves deeper into the issue, he finds out that an imposter has used his son’s identity to carry out drugs and arms deals. This eventually leads to his arrest.

Richard goes on the quest to find the identity of this imposter and saves his son. He makes a team of some skillful individuals and begins the hunt.

Why Was Imposter Impersonating Archibald?

Archibald was granted immunity and the imposter used this aspect to carry out the drugs and arms deal. Furthermore, this imposter wanted to make a deal about Big Mac, a secret weapon capable of destroying the whole country.

Who Was The Imposter?

The name of the imposter was Simyon Novak who was also the son of the king of Taaarghistan. Simyon wasn’t welcomed in Paris but to make a deal, he had to go there. So instead, he took the identity of Archibald to accomplish this goal.

The team of Richard team was able to unveil the identity of this imposter, After Novak discovered about this, he immediately stormed off to his home country. However, Richard wasn’t done with him and contacted his manager to make a deal.

The Last Mercenary Ending Explained – Did Richard Save Archibald?

The Last Mercenary Ending Explained – Did Richard Save Archibald?

Paul Leseur who was acting as an associate to Novak was the son of Marguerite. The same Marguerite who was his colleague in the past. She just wanted to do something good for her son, just like Richard did for his son.

However, she was unfortunate to get entangled with Richard and Novak ended up impersonating Archibald. The end of the movie saw both Marguerite and Paul get arrested by the police. Richard was fortunate enough to escape from the police by using Big Mac.

The post-credit scene from the movie shows another mercenary getting the same decoded message. The identity of this person isn’t revealed yet, but it could be Paul’s father who wants to save his son. Also, there’s an unresolved issue with Novak who is the son of the king of Taarghistan. We have many questions still left unanswered. Hopefully, the sequel to this movie will unveil them.

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