The King’s Man Ending Explained – Did Orlando Achieve His Goal?

The King's Man Ending Explained

Directed and written by Mathew Vaughn, The King’s Man is a 2021 spy action film that stars Ralph Fiennes in the lead role while Gemma Arterton, Rhys Ifans, Mathew Goode, Tom Hollander, and Harris Dickinson act in the supporting cast. The movie is being distributed by 20th Century Studios.

The movie sets a premise before World War I and sort of acts as a prequel to what’s going to follow next. The protagonist tries to prevent an unknown enemy from plotting the war and protecting the country against the forces that may change it forever. Let’s discuss The King’s Man Ending explained and break down its last moments.

The King’s Man Ending Explained

The King’s Man Plot

Duke of Oxford, Orlando is a man of conviction who lives with his wife Emily and his son Conrad. As part of their responsibility, they gather at a concentration camp, however, it’s gets attacked and Emily gets shot in the head and collapses on the ground.

Orlando is saddened by this incident and promises on the grave of his wife that he would protect his son at all cost and not let such war happen. 12 years later, Orlando is faced with a similar situation where war is on the brink of breaking out and it threatens the existence of his country.

The only way to aid England is to bring America into the fold and to do that, he needs a vital piece of information. He gets his partners Polly and Shola and they use their networking skills to obtain that piece of information. However, in the process, he also loses his son who dies in the war.

Orlando didn’t want his son to join the army, however, he went against his wish. Orlando decided to do absolutely anything so that he can prevent a war from occurring. He succeeds in obtaining the piece of information and America aids England in defeating Germany.

The King’s Man Ending Explained

Pacifism of Orlando

Orlando is a pacifist, however, he does have to comprises on this notion due to the promise he made to his wife. He wanted to protect his son but he failed in doing so. Orlando didn’t want to shed blood, however, he realized that one person needs to die so that the chances of war happening and Germany winning will be reduced.

Orlando made his team and deployed them to work. Their ultimate goal was the death of Rasputin which would provide an edge to England. This went against his principle of pacifism, however, he realized that sometimes you have to do what is right.

The King’s Man Ending Explained – Did Orlando Achieve His Goal?

The antagonist in this story is revealed to be Shepherd who is Scottish seeking revenge on England. He simply wants revenge for the atrocities that England committed for 700 years over his land and it’s just retribution he is seeking.

Shepherd is highly skilled and has established contacts everywhere. He wants to weaken England from within so that, when the Germans strike, England has no chance of escaping. He is also very well versed in combat as we saw him fight with Orlando in the last sequence.

However, Orlando had more conviction and clarity on his goal, that’s why he emerged victoriously. In the end, it was Shepherd’s defeat. In the last instance of the movie, we see Adolf Hitler. It is probably an indication that we may see its sequel soon.

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