The issue with Justin Trudeau’s long term maintenance strategy

The problem with Justin Trudeau’s long term care plan

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau claims he needs a”dialog” with all the premiers which is geared toward creating national criteria for long-term care.

It is one of the things that seem good at first blush. Who is opposed to discussions? And that which exactly are more saintly than federal criteria?

Since Trudeau mentioned Tuesday, all Canadians, no matter where they reside, have to have access to high quality long-term care.

However, there are just two issues with his pursuit. To begin with, it is not apparent what Trudeau implies by federal criteria. Secondly, it is equally uncertain whether formulating such criteria would address the issues facing long-term care.

“The time has arrived,” Trudeau told reporters Tuesday,”to get a dialogue between the national authorities and the premiers on harmonizing and establishing standards for long term maintenance directly through the nation.”

Who’d establish and apply those criteria? Trudeau does not say? However, the implication is that Ottawa will perform with the hefty, doling money out into countries which adhere to federal norms while keeping it from the ones who don’t.

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Many premiers can not abide the notion of allowing Ottawa meddle in regions of provincial jurisdiction such as long term maintenance. Quebec Premier François Legault reacted negatively and immediately to Trudeau’s most recent musings, warning that the prime minister he had been”playing with passion ”

that the premiers need more cash from Ottawa. They do not wish to get told how to invest it.

In any circumstance, it’s not apparent that developing national standards would address the numerous issues facing nursing homes.

Ontario’s method, for example, looks great . Nursing home residents have the right to be treated with dignity. In addition they possess the right to essential medical attention.

However, since the COVID-19 pandemic indicates these rights vanish if the machine is set under stress. In certain nursing homes this season, residents were abandoned to fester in their own stool. So much for dignity.

As for healthcare, residents afflicted by this coronavirus were routinely denied access to hospitals so as to maintain acute-care beds free from your non-elderly.

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Many of the issues facing nursing houses stem out of their cheese-paring strategy to salaries. Part-time employees are favored since they are sometimes refused benefits. Staffing levels are kept at the bare minimum.

National criteria may be of any use , but just if Ottawa were ready to become involved with the nitty gritty of human nursing home administration.

There’s some proof that for-profit nursing houses create worse results than their non invasive counterparts. Theoretically, federal standards can be composed to favor not-for-profits. However, such a move would probably cause a struggle under trade deals such as the brand new NAFTA, the USMCA.

None of that is supposed to imply that Ottawa can not play a part in long-term care. If the government were really bold, it might treat long-term care as a right, as healthcare is deemed a straight under medicare.


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But that coup could be exceedingly hard to pull away. Really, doing something meaningful would be catchy.

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Maybe Trudeau is only bargaining in people. Maybe he’s saying to this premiers: We shall provide you more cash for healthcare. However, in return you should be prepared to devote some of it upon our present ideology — long-term maintenance.



What would you think about Justin Trudeau’s long term maintenance program?

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