The Irishman is an expensive mob film of all time

The Irishman is based on a great novel

Previous year during the summer, Gotti, a biographical crime film came into being. The film was about the acclaimed organized crime, and it also brought in an outstanding experience of the past mafia films.

Everybody loves the Italian mafia killing the wrongdoers in the streets of New York. Martin Scorsese is back with yet another mafia flick after a very long time. The Irishman is the next crime movie that comes from the mind of Martin Scorsese. On the other hand, The Irishman is the Netflix original movie.

The Irishman is based on a great novel

The Irishman is also a novel adaptation by Charles Brandt; I Heard You Paint Houses. The novel revolves around the most critical moments during the mafia heyday. Netflix spent a hefty amount of money to curate de-age some of the characters in The Irishman, especially De Niro.

The film festival of New York City did land on a massive opener. The NYFF recently said that it is going to begin the fiesta with Martin Scorsese’s forthcoming most-awaited gangsta movie, The Irishman. 

The Irishman is the most expensive crime movie ever made

The production house of the movie and Netflix did pour a lot of cash to make the film a one-hit-wonder. Moreover, the Netflix movie utilizes the cutting-edge digitalized de-ageing tech to narrate the story of Frank Sheeran. Robert De Niro from Goodfellas would portray the role of Frank Sheeran. On the other than, the movie also features Al Pacino who will portray the role of Jimmy Hoffa. 

During a recent press release, the director of NYFF, Kent Jones, said that the forthcoming movie Irishman is epic. The movie is funny, lavish entertaining and troubling. The master of film making and the greatest actors alive are the cast and crew of the film. A film such as the Irishman is once in a lifetime kind of a movie.

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