The insurer ought to be ashamed of itself through COVID-19 pandemic

This Toronto restaurant proprietor insurance jumped out of $9,000 to nearly $30,000 throughout COVID-19. He is not alone,” Sept. 21

I read with attention that the plight of Eric Joyal along with his own inability to possess his insurer renew the coverage of his enterprise.

That isn’t the first time that I know of these things, in addition to greatly increased prices. I find this very interested at some time when society appears to know that,”We are all in this together,” a few insurance businesses believe more along the lines of”Each man for himself”

Mr. Joyal assisted constructed those glistening glass towers, as we all, and doesn’t deserve this kind of treatment. This business doesn’t appear to be curious in economical recovery over feathering it is own glistening glass strand. Shame.

David Ottenbrite, Cambridge, Ont.

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