The Girl Who Got Away Ending Explained – Did Elizabeth Die?

The Girl Who Got Away Ending Explained - Did Elizabeth Die?
The Girl Who Got Away Ending Explained - Did Elizabeth Die?

Directed by Michael Morrissey and produced by Boy Wonder Productions, The Girl Who Got Away is a thriller Horror movie. It stars Kaye Tuckerman and Lexi Johnson in the lead role while Chukwudi Iwuji, Audrey Grace, and Timothy J Alex act in a supporting cast.

The Girl Who Got Away delivers a not so exceptional thriller, but it does make the audience think. With an open-ended conclusion, the movie begs questions and touches on various moral topics. The story revolves around Christiana and her escape from her kidnapper in the past, Elizabeth Caulfield.

The movie threw a curveball at the end that revealed an unexpected development. Let’s talk about and discuss The Girl Who Got Away ending explained.

The Girl Who Got Away Ending Explained - Did Elizabeth Die?
The Girl Who Got Away Ending Explained – Did Elizabeth Die?

The Girl Who Got Away Plot

20 years ago, a woman named Elizabeth Caulfield had kidnapped 5 girls and killed 4 of them. One of the girls Christiana was fortunate enough to get away and Elizabeth was apprehended and put into jail. However, 20 years later, she has escaped and the town is put into a frenzy.

Elizabeth is after the fifth girl Christiana that escaped from her 20 years ago. Jerry, who was involved in the apprehension of Elizabeth 20 years ago assigns Jamie, his trusted subordinate to chase after Elizabeth. While protecting Christiana and looking for Elizabeth, Jamie comes across some mind-boggling reveals.

Connection Between Elizabeth and Christiana

While on the lose, Elizabeth started killing all the people connected to Christiana. However, the question that bothered Jamie was how did she know about all those people. Turns out, Christiana used to send her letters when she was in prison. Her reason? Well, there was none.

This becomes hard to swallow fact for Jamie. Why would she communicate with the same woman who once tried to kill her? He goes deep into the investigation and comes across something astonishing.

Who Was 6th Girl?

While investigating, Jamie finds a videotape of Elizabeth. In that, he finds that there was another girl that Elizabeth had kidnapped. He asks Christiana about this girl and she tells her that it was her daughter Katie. Katie was the one who asked Elizabeth to do the whole thing.

This information doesn’t fit well with Jamie as he had discovered the body of Katie. It only indicates that Christiana has some sort of involvement with the murders and she might very well be the daughter of Elizabeth. Furthermore, there’s a possibility that Christiana orchestrated the whole thing

The Girl Who Got Away Ending Explained – Did Elizabeth Die?

In the last sequence, Elizabeth goes to Jerry’s house and kills him along with his wife. Furthermore, she kills his daughter Amy who is pregnant. She extracts the infant out of Amy and gives it to Christiana who just arrives at the scene.

After thanking her mother, Christiana stabs her. Elizabeth tries to get back up but Jamie arrives and shoots her. We learn that Christiana was the actual daughter of Elizabeth and she asked her to kidnap those girls. She wanted someone of her age to be beside her, hence she coerced her mother into it.

After that, she wanted a baby so this time she asked her mother to kill Amy and get her daughter. By doing so, she achieved her goal and this crazy tale of mother and daughter concluded.

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