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The future of 2019 Apple iPhone’s hardware is in a bad phase

apple iphone 2019

Apple’s iPhone in 2019

The 2019 iPhone has one of the major setbacks, and that is the lack of 5G technology. And on top of that, the iPhone also has an excruciatingly hideous and unstylish design. And due to these setbacks, the tech giant is entirely relying on the software to connect with consumers emotionally.

And this also suggests that the new features in the iOS 13 will carry the expectations of the company. The 2019 edition of WWDC is all set to feature this summer. So, there is a highly likely chance that the Cupertino tech giant will highlight some of these features.

There is a highly likely chance that Apple will add some new features to Siri. The voice-powered digital assistants’ universe is getting a little crowded with Alexa from Amazon, Google’s Assistant and Microsoft’s Cortana. Due to this, Apple will add more ‘intents’ to Siri to make the voice assistant extremely resilient and informative.

The new features can be presented as an exciting and unique addition, but there is a dire need for a breakthrough. Only through advancement can Apple compete with other voice assistant existing in the market. By the looks of it, the scenario is the same when it comes to NFC.

Apple’s ARkit will help the company to sell iPhones like hot cakes

The developers of the Apple ecosystem are gaining more access to the NFC capabilities of the iPhone. Nevertheless, it’s been more than three years that Android smartphones are capable of NFC connectivity. Yet, this seems like Apple is still playing the regular catch-up to Google’s OS, again.

Apple is going to add the ARkit which will allow the developers in reading human poses. The ARkit will also support the AR headsets as well as touchpads present on the console controllers. But the real question is will the consumers buy the new iPhone on the strength of AR potential? The core Apple fanboys might, but will everyone?

Apple has been pushing the developers in the fields of Siri, NFC, and AR, given that the hardware of the 2019 iPhone isn’t up to the mark.

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