The First Lady Melania Trump, is getting ease with her official role


Melania Trump

The present-day First Lady of the United States of America, Melania Trump has come forward with an infallible commendation line. Melania Trump took center stage and addressed a largely female audience which came together to celebrate being women.

Melania Trump featured a huge record of women who are currently serving in Congress. The first lady also said that the unemployment of women in America is the lowest when compared with the last 65 years. Mrs. Trump highlighted the fact that over 2 million women have joined the workforce all over America. Ever since the current President, her husband Donald Trump came to power in November 2016.

The Chronicles of The First Lady

Mrs. Trump said that the milestone with the employment of women is giving forward a reason for them all to celebrate. The celebrated event was taking place with the State Department. Some people pointed out a little obvious part of the First Lady’s speech. According to people her speed during the event could easily fit into a campaign speech for Donald Trump.

Given that the President is showing his keen interest in the forthcoming 2020 election in America, but the first lady doesn’t seem to have any interest regarding the election. Neither Mrs. Trump is willing to join the president during his campaign. Back in the year 2016, Mrs. Trump didn’t take an active part in the campaign as well. Melania said that she is extremely eager to get back home to her son. Given that she was leading the State Department event. Her son Barron, who is now 12 years old is close to his mother. Also can catch the news about Elizabeth Warren for President campaign in 2020 US elections.

People who are currently in the political orbit of President Trump are acting a little skeptical. Melania Trump is one of the most private first ladies in the history of American politics. She could help Donald Trump by taking on a significant role to address the public and citizens of America. President Trump is extremely vulnerable when it comes to women voters in America.

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