The finest Cozy Mystery Novels

The Best Cozy Mystery Books

A warm, fuzzy blanket is wrapped about me, even fall-scented candles are flickering nearby, along with the actual world has gradually slipped away because I am lost in a great book — it is the ideal day. The ability of a publication is just irresistible. From tracking down literary murderers to learning iconic ladies, I’m proud to become a #booknerd. However one genre I’ve recently begun to enter (thanks to some propensity to read extreme novels late in the night and not be able to sleep) is comfy mystery books.

Much like terror, thrillers, or even true-crime books, cozy puzzles do not enter the damn stunt of murder or even the abusive acts of hardened offenders or sociopaths. They’re as beautiful as they seem: lighthearted, humorous puzzles which can draw you in with no increasing your heartbeat. In accordance with Goodreads, cozy puzzles (aka Cozies) seldom include things like gender, profanity, or violence. On the contrary, it’s normally based in a little city, in which an amateur detective knows all of the suspects, so keeping you guessing as you go through the allure. If you’re interested in finding a couple cozies to delight in this month, then have a look at some of my favorites beforehand, frequently based around tasty food topics. The one thing left to resolve is that one that you’ll pick up !

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