The crazy side lurks from a mask

The wild side unleashed from behind a mask

Mr Bronte tapped into something in the mind from the 19twentieth century that’s still widespread today. It has helped me comprehend the current experience of Melbourne celebrity Shane Jacobson, that has been targeted at emerging in a government advertisement encouraging people to put on a face mask throughout the pandemic.

A mask, if or not metaphorically, may liberate the understanding and also the mouth of its wearer’s in order that they say things that they would not normally say. I link the mask of Mr Bronte’s using the mask of this display. Some, obviously, would assert that being behind that display promotes bravery. There’s a body of sites, sites and rants that could encourage and attest to the; individuals discussing vulnerabilities online effortlessly and are well received, supported and encouraged in doing this. Some customers of social networking in this way even acquire popularity the longer they reveal of the insecurities, warts and all.

But there are individuals using the mask of a display to project anger, frustration and hate via vitriol and insults. This mask of this display, therefore different to this type Jacobson has been advocating, gets the ability to unleash words which wound. I wonder what Mr Bronte would consider it. The mask of this display offers and even divides the wearer to getting somebody else an alter ego which possibly suspends the individual’s normally civilised behavior.

Or maybe, more frighteningly, it does not. Maybe the mask of this display simply shows who the individual is, and also the ordinary facade is your action? I recall an observation made by Lucy from the children’s novel by C.S Lewis, Prince Caspian:”Would not it be dreadful if a day in our world, in home, guys begin going crazy inside, such as the critters, and look like guys, so you’d never know which were which.”

The irony, of course, is that the masks Jacobson was advocating shield and save lives. But greater than this, as soon as someone places on the sort of mask Jacobson was speaking about, it’s still possible to watch their eyes, so it’s still possible to observe those very same eyes crinkle when they grin and it is still possible to listen to the friendly tone within their muted voice.

At least using these type of masks, it is possible to tell another man is human. However, the mask of this display, now that is another issue.

Belinda Lyons-Lee is a Melbourne writer. Her debut book, Tussaud, will soon be released by Transit Lounge at April 2021.


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