The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It ending explained – Who Was the Devil?

After the Covid delay, the long-awaited third film in the Conjuring franchise has finally hit the theaters. Directed by Michael Chavas, The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It is the 3rd movie in the series and the 8th movie in Conjuring Universe. This time the story takes place in 1981 where the duo of Ed and Lorrain investigate a demonic presence that has taken over the body of a young boy. One thing leads to another and the situation goes out of control for the pair.

It even reaches the point that their lives become threatened due to this most formidable demon they’ve encountered so far. However, through love and faith, they overcome the adversity and dispel the demon. The Glarzel household returns to peace and Ed and Lorrain add another feat to their career. Let’s check out The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It ending explained and see what events occurred in the final scene.

The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It ending explained

Who Was Possessed?

Ed and Lorraine were investigating a demon within a young boy David Glatzel who was suffering from it. They had to carry out the exorcism as soon as possible or else the situation could’ve become worse. Father Gordon arrives to perform the exorcism however things go roundabout midway.

The demon within David goes out of control and starts destroying everything in the house. Arne upon sighting the devastated state of David invites a demon into his body. The demon leaves David and enters the body of Arne.

What Demon Made Arne Do?

When Ed wakes up, he informs Lorraine about a demon entering Arne’s body. She immediately calls the police and asks them to deploy on the Glatzel household. However, before they arrive it’s too late. Because he was in possession, Arne stabs his friend Bruno 22 times and kills him. Police arrest Arne for the charges of murder.

Origins of Demon

Upon investigation, Ed and Lorraine come to realize that somebody invited a demon to possess the body of David. Somebody placed a totem beneath the basement of the house to achieve this. Ed wants to put Arne on trial for the account of demonic possession while murdering.

He learns about a similar case that happened with Katie Lincoln who was also stabbed 22 times. Upon full investigation, they finally find out the reason for these killings.

Who Put the Curse?

Through her ability, Lorraine successfully locates the person who is performing satanic rituals and invited demons. We later find out she is the daughter of Kastner, a retired priest who studied satanic rituals. Lorraine informs Ed that when she contacted her, it was a two-way connection. This means that now she knows about both Ed and Lorraine.

The next day they discover the same totem within the vase and realize now even Ed has been cursed by that woman. Their backs are against the walls and Ed has to locate that woman before time runs out. They pinpoint her location and Ed realizes that woman lives in the same house as Kastner. Now he has to save Lorraine who has already gone to visit Kastner to find more clues about the curse.

Meeting With Kastner

Lorraine meets with Kastner once again and he reveals the real purpose of the curse. To complete it, one needs to sacrifice a child, a lover, and a man of god. Ed would be the last person to complete the curse as he is the man of God. Kastner shows him a secret door that leads to tunnels. He tells them her daughter’s altar is located down below and she has to destroy it to lift the curse.

The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It ending explained – Did Lorraine Lift the Curse

The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It ending explained – Did Lorraine Lift the Curse

Lorraine reaches the altar but finds Kastner’s daughter there. She runs away however gets attacked by Ed who is possessed by Demon. He keeps on attacking Lorraine with an ax but somehow she evades. She tries to remind him about all their cherishing memories and bring him into his senses. Ed finally comes to his senses and destroys the altar. Since the curse is broken, the demon with whom Krastener’s daughter made a deal, takes her soul away.

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