The Chair Season 2: Release Date, Cast, and More Updates

The Chair Season 2: Release Date, Cast, and More Updates

 Netflix’s comedy-drama directed by Amanda Peet is going to return to the streaming platform soon with the release of its new installment. Often dubbed as one of the great shows of this year in this genre, the series will once again reappear next year.

The Chair has received massive praises from both fans and critics alike for its comedy element and drama. However, few have only criticized it in some of the other departments. Nonetheless, the series is a gem and Netflix is likely going to bag on it for a few more seasons. Here is The Chair season 2 release date, cast, plot, and more.

The Chair Season 2: Release Date, Cast, and More Updates

The Chair Plot

The plot of the series revolves around the main lead Ji-Yoon Kim played by Sandra Oh. As her new job, she gets assigned to Pembroke University as a chair for the English department. With the new location, new opportunities await us, however, she has a hard time because of various circumstances.

Kim has a tough life and few responsibilities in her life. Her daughter Ju Ju is one of them and Kim has a job to look after her. She must balance out her life in the university and ensure that she gives sufficient time to her daughter.

Then she has to confront her crush and love interest Bob who also happens to be her colleague. Bob too has a bad past and with the death of his deceased wife on his head, Kim must ensure that she takes the right steps and form the right type of relation.

Kim also has a concern about dealing with the issue of tenure of a young black colleague Yaz who isn’t impressed by Elliot, a senior member of the English department. All of these things combine to make Kim’s life challenging but she tries her best to accommodate everything.

The Chair Season 2: Release Date, Cast, and More Updates

The Chair Season 1 Recap

In The Chair season 1 recap, the trio old John, Joan, and Elliot decide to vote no confidence for the case of Kim as a chair. Kim on the other hand visits Bill, kisses him, and tells him that she needs to fire him. Bill does not take it happily.

At the university, the day of voting arrives and most members vote against Kim. Kim then proceeds to nominate Joan as a new chair and goes back to her job as a professor which she finds quite pleasing. On the other hand, Bill refuses to file for settlement and tries to get his job back.

The Chair Season 2: Release Date, Cast, and More Updates

The Chair Season 2 Release Date

So far we haven’t received any official news of the announcement of the 2nd season. However, going by the success of the first season, it is more than likely that we will get a few more. Furthermore, there are a lot of plot threads left to resolve.

Kim has taken her job as a professor once again but she probably won’t sit idly and do nothing. Of course, she has a daughter to take care of now but Bill has the promise to babysit her. Not only that but he has also claimed that he will fight for his job.

We will see Bill try to get his job back and probably repair his relationship with Kim. Hopefully, both of them reconcile and put an end to their differences.

The Chair Season 2 Cast

For The Chair season 2 cast, Sandra Oh will reprise the role of Kim as the lead character of the show. On the other hand, Jay Duplass will also return to fill his role of Bob and resume his characters. We will also see other characters like Joan, John, and Elliot return for the show.

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