The Bizarre Story of Harry Styles Ended Up Feeding a Hernandez’s Fish

This Harry Styles narrative is just. . .golden. 

It is not every day the 26-year old British celebrity shows up on your property, feeds your fish also leaves you with a private note. In reality, for many fans, that’ll only –and regrettably –not occur. However, for just one unsuspecting teenager, this dream turned into a fact while she was not home.

According to photographs which have gone viral about Twitter, 13-year old Theadora obtained very the memorable birthday present after she discovered Fashions’ automobile had serendipitously broken back on the road where her daddy lives. 

The celebrity explained the situation in a note that he left her, which read,”Your daddy’s friend kindly allow me to wait in your home using a cup of green tea. I am ruined that we missed each other. Looking forward to meeting you shortly.”

Because of his closing lineup, prepare yourself to melt”Treat people with kindness”

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